Kris Dim

Kris Dim

Kris Dim was born on May 7, 1973 in Cambodia. At that time in this country there was a war and his family was forced to move to Arlington, USA, Kris then was 4 years old. After moving, Kris’ family changed their residence many times, until they settled in the California city of Sacramento.

In the early school years, Kris was fond of football, and in the senior classes seriously engaged in wrestling. Interest in bodybuilding in Kris appeared in 15 years after visiting the newly opened room “Muscle System”. Kris literally fell in love with all of these simulators, and wrestling exercises took second place. His new idols were Kevin Levrone and Lee Labrada, who were depicted on posters in the hall, Dim dreamed to look like them. At the beginning of the training, the guy was very thin and weighed 59 kg, but his devotion to the gland rather quickly helped him to build up a decent muscle. Coach of the fight, seeing the success of Kris in bodybuilding, advised him to compete in competitions.

Kris Dim won in his first tournament among juniors, and a year later became the champion of his staff. 1996 brought him another victory at the amateur tournament in California. Preparing for the tournament, Kris combined with the work of the seller in two stores of sports nutrition.

Since 1997, Kris Dim came on the stage of serious amateur tournaments in the USA in the middle weight category. Since 2000, he moved to the light heavy category, where Kris could not win. The dream of the competitive career of the pros began to seem unreal. But in 2003, Kris Dim managed to achieve a form that made him the winner of the tournament “Nationales”. Finally, his dream became a reality – he became a professional IFBB and got an opportunity to participate in the most prestigious tournaments.

Since 2004, Kris began a professional career, this year he took part in five tournaments. In 2005, he tried his forces at Olympia and became the 16th.

In 2007, during training, Kris suffered a severe heart attack. He was urgently hospitalized and operated on. Kris had a congenital aortic valve defect, which suddenly made itself felt. For a long time the bodybuilder was in a critical condition, his chances of survival were low. However, he managed not only to survive and not remain paralyzed, but also to continue his competitive career. Recovering from the operation, Kris in 2009 took part in three professional tournaments.

In 2012, Kris had an operation to replace the stents sewn into his heart. During the operation, an artery connected with the spine was injured. As a result, the circulation of blood in the spine stopped, the athlete lost the sensitivity of the lower half of the body. When Kris asked if he would walk, the doctors answered that according to statistics the chance is 0.03%.

Kris Dim did not want to put up with the fate of a lifelong invalid and firmly decided that he would walk again. He regularly conducted training in the gym, being chained to a wheelchair. Two assistants flexed and unbent his legs, improving blood circulation and contributing to the restoration of innervation. Gradually, sensitivity began to return to his feet, there appeared videos on the network, where Kris walks, holding on to a special table accompanied by assistants. In the summer of 2014, a video appeared where Kris Dim performs a self-press in the simulator with a weight of about 40 kg. Kris once again proved that thanks to the unbending power of the will, the impossible becomes possible.

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