Whey! … The Best Protein For Bodybuilder’s?

lean muscle mass

Bodybuilding is all about gaining lean muscle mass and having minimal body fat. It pertains following a vigorous weight lifting routine combined with appropriate diet and properly planned recovery time.

Supplements are also a major aspect of bodybuilding.

Supplements provide nutrients the body’s needs and cannot be obtained from diet alone.

Whey is a popular protein supplement normally consumed by bodybuilders.

Whey is a very good protein choice for all stages of bodybuilding starting from armatures to professionals.

It has numerous health advantages for the body.

A form of whey known as Whey Isolate is the purest compared with all others.

It has the highest possible content of the essential Amino Acids than any other proteins ever researched.

The body does not any Amino acids of its own hence it has to derive these from food products rich in protein.

Amino acids are the cornerstones for the development of healthy muscles tissue, nails, the skin and numerous other tissues.

That said, Whey Protein is the recommended protein source for bodybuilders seeking to add lean muscle mass and have a physique worth dying for. However bodybuilders also know the RDA of protein intake is not enough for them.

Hence they consume 2 times the recommended daily allowance.

Also whey is classified as a High quality protein.

This means that whey is very helpful in facilitating the recovery process and plays an important role in fat lipolysis.

Whey is a natural supplement that can be added to the everyday diet to increase better body composition and boost energy levels for better performance.

Whey is also the best known source of the Branched Chain amino acids (BCAAs). Their role is to increase the output and intensity of bodybuilding workouts as they are metabolized and directed straight to the muscle tissue.

Hence they re helpful during intense exercise sessions in that they replenish the exploited protein assets of the body.

The recovery process is boosted by the BCAA’s enhancing the rate of rebuilding worn out muscle tissue.
Why protein also has Leucine which is an essential amino acid that is used to enhance the protein synthesis process and also quickens the muscle growth rate.

Thus increase Leucine content means more lean muscle mass and better shedding of the excess body fat. It is easily digest and thus absorbed fast and efficiently into the body hence it is referred to as ‘fast protein’ for its characteristic fast nourishment of the body.

Whey Protein Benefits:

  • It is maintains good body weight and while significantly reducing diabetes, heart diseases and cancers risk chances.
  • It maintains stable blood sugar levels by regulating the synthesis of glucose and the subsequent absorption to the blood stream.  Maintaining low insulin levels help avert hunger pangs while facilitating fat lipolysis.
  • The hydrolyzed form of whey goes a long way in fighting hypertension and reducing the risk of heart diseases.
  • It caters for the reduced cholesterol levels in bodybuilders.
  • It is recommended for cancer patients in between their chemotherapy sessions.
  • It strengthens the immune system by facilitating better glutathione levels.

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