Tips For Adding Triceps Beef

tips for adding triceps beef

The triceps comprise about two-thirds of the upper arm. Many bodybuilders will spend ungodly amounts of time training their biceps, only to neglect their triceps. They’ll develop that 1/3 of their arm to its maximum, all while the other 2/3 sit far below its potential. This type of training is counterproductive, and it robs the bodybuilders of an inch or two of upper arm mass that they should be enjoying. Here are four tips for increasing overall triceps mass, which will add some serious size to your upper arms.

Ease back from the machines and cables

If you were to ask any professional bodybuilder what exercises he used to build up his triceps, free weights would likely be his first response. Machines and cables are great for the masses. They let the teenagers and soccer moms get a pump using a movement that is fun, easy, and not at all dangerous. The bulk of triceps mass, however, is usually built from free weights. Skull crushers, close grip bench press, and dumbbell triceps presses behind the head should be used every week.

Dip like there is no tomorrow

Slow, smooth dips performed in a very strict manner deliver some of the greatest amount of triceps mass. Sloppy, fast dips performed with a bit of swing will not build up your upper arms. Form on this movement might be more important than on any other triceps movement. Any deviation will transfer the workload to your upper chest, shoulders, forearms or back. Keep your form constant, and the tension will remain on the triceps, making this exercise very effective.

Never lock the elbows

The moment you lock out the elbows on any triceps movement, you cause a few things to happen. First, the tension is taken off of the triceps and they have a moment to rest. When the goal is to soak the area with amino-rich blood, this isn’t desirable. Second, you transfer the tension from the muscle to the joints and tendons, which are far less able to adapt to the workload. If you want to enjoy a better pump and avoid the potential for injury, you should always lock out at 95%, never completely.

Avoid hitting the chest

When using movements such as close-grip bench press or parallel bar dips, the chest is often called into play. Some overlap is unavoidable, as these are compound movements requiring the support of many other muscle groups besides the triceps. However, it may be necessary to reduce the weight use a bit so that more focus can be given to keeping the triceps flexed and the brunt of the workload upon them throughout the movement.

Any champion bodybuilder will have a terrific set of triceps – without exception. The key to building them is to train then using heavy free weights, lots of dips, and avoiding full lockout while isolating the triceps as much as possible. It may take some time to nail down all of these focuses at once, but it will come over time. Good luck, and remember that once you get the triceps formula right (assuming you cover all your bases in terms of diet and rest), you will see 1 to 2 inches of new upper arm growth in just a few months!