Bodybuilding Terminology And Definitions

bodybuilding terminology

Negatives – This is the practice of going against the pull of gravity when you lower the load used in training. It is done through deliberately slowed and controlled motions.

One-rep max – This represents your highest strength for a particular motion. This is the basis of power-lifting contests. Novices are discouraged from participating in such contest because they may expose themselves to injury. If you are able to accomplish ten reps with an optimal weight then this is a good approximation for 75% of your one-rep max.

Peak – This is a term that is mostly used in the context of preparing for contests. The body fat level is minimized to the optimal lowest such that the muscles are fully exposed. This body condition can only be maintained for a few days.

Plates – This term represents the weights that are added to Olympic dumbbells i.e. the 45lb weight. The 25lb weights are known as quarters, the 10lb weights are called dimes, and the 5lb weights are called nickels.

Periodization – It is also known as cycle training. it represents the practice where the bodybuilders approach training by first performing light workouts for a number of weeks, followed by heavier workouts, and then really heavy workouts. A cycle of these patterns is then repeated. This helps reduce the incidence of burnout and injury.

Progressive overload – This is the act of gradually increasing the resistance employed in strength training. It is done as the personal body strength increases.

Pump – This is the feeling and look that is experienced by a bodybuilder after an intense workout. The muscles are filled with blood and they look fully engorged.

Pyramiding – This is the act of adding to your resistance and at the same time reducing the number of reps done in successive sets. In short it’s all about higher weights and fewer reps.

Ripped – This is the word used to describe the body condition where there is the lowest volume of body fats, and the highest amount of muscle vascularity and separation. Other words that offer the same meaning are ‘cut’ and ‘sliced’.

Rep – This is the shortened version for repetition. It refers to the act of taking a weight through a complete range of movements then back again for several times.

Set – This is a count for several reps. It refers to the number of reps or repetitions of motions that are done in a unit.

Shredded – This has the same meaning as both ‘sliced’ and ‘cut’. As described in ‘Ripped’ above, it represents a situation where the body is virtually devoid of fats and there is basically lots of ideal muscle separation. It is a physical condition that is highly sought after by every bodybuilder.

Site injections – This represents the injection of steroids into specified muscle groups aiming to bring about a rejuvenation of body parts that seem to be lagging behind in muscle development.

Six pack – This is the word that is used to describe well formed abdominal muscles which are clearly visible due to the absence of a fat layer that normally veils these muscles.

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