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The steroids provided by the company are an expert blend of the high quality raws, and let the users choose from a variety of types. Varying from the classical fully oral steroid cycles, from injectables to mixed ones, the steroids are available to the consumers at a reasonable price. The technology used in the steroids eliminates all the PIP that is created by the traditional UGL steroids while satisfying the desire for building muscles, giving the user a sensational experience.

British Dragon steroids have two basic units; an injectable line and an oral one that is available in different dosages as 10 mg Methanabol, 10 mg Oxanabol or 250 mg Testabol. The company also facilitates those who just want to have a high quality steroid without actually taking plain oil, by providing 100% working injectables.

Since the company’s office is located in EU, it delivers the products worldwide at amazingly fast speed. However, the company claims that delivery is ensured within 1-2 weeks in the US as well.


The customers are quite pleased with the low prices and the 40% discount on product of the week that is provided by the company to all the users. The users within the USA were most elated about the speedy delivery service that is extended to them. Also, many of the consumers projected their satisfaction with the customer services being provided by the company and applauded the fact that the company’s representatives are very friendly and provide apt guidance and information when required or asked for.

Majority of the users appreciated the fact that they can now experience bodybuilding virtually anywhere without having to make great effort.

CONCLUSIONS: is doing fairly well compared to the competitors and has earned a name among the users – a true legend since 1999. By providing affordable and low cost bodybuilding solutions to the consumers without them having to deal with the problems of supplements and other harmful factors associated with the typical UGL steroid formula available in the market, the company has managed to establish itself. For me, the company stands at a solid 5 out of 5 in terms of rating. Review – 5 out of 5 stars by RxBodybuilders!

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