Sesamin For Ditching Bodyfat Fast


Q: I’ve heard a lot of people online talk about Sesamin or Sesapure (don’t know which is the correct term) and had heard it was a fat that you want to ingest. Why is it any better than any other fat?

A: Sesamin is the compound and Sesapure is a product name. Sesamin is effective for fat loss and muscle retention because it comes from sesame lignans. Within sesame lignans are high levels of two chemicals (Sesamin and Episesamin) which activate and improve the metabolism of fat and sugar (called PPAR-alpha agonism – which are receptors that control fat and glucose metabolism) Research shows that these two chemicals can speed up fat loss, reduce fat gain even when eating excess calories (when bulking or being careless and gluttonous) and as a result, can mean more muscle and less fat. Mainly, it’s a great boon to body composition and is forgiving as a lipid. Sesamin also improves insulin sensitivity and helps your body do better with sugar metabolism. It also increases mitochondrial activity within your cells, protects the liver, decreases LDL cholesterol and raises HDL, provides anti-inflammatory action, and can also help in the process of elevating or restoring your body’s own testosterone.

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