10 Training Mistakes Every Bodybuilder Should Know About

training mistakes

Here are ten mistakes most every bodybuilder makes at some time in their careers.

1. Undertraining

Training too little should be an obvious indication that you’re never going to get the bodybuilding results you really want. You must push yourself, be determined, dedicated, and disciplined to work out substantially on a regular basis.

2. Overtraining

But if you push yourself too hard by either using weights that are much too heavy or by never taking a day of weight lifting off, you’ll definitely get injured. And this will set you back and make you mad with yourself.

3. Skipping Scheduled Workouts

If your routine is to lift hard four times a week and rest three, then stick to it for best results. Also, try to workout the same time each session and for the same amount of hours. Treat it like a job and think that if you miss a day’s work, you’ll also miss a day’s pay.

4. Eating Too Few Calories

You need to sufficiently feed yourself the right foods that provide enough calories or else your energy levels will severely diminish and you won’t be able to lift those heavy weights that you need to build the necessary muscle bulk you’re seeking.

5. Consuming Too Many Calories

Overeating will simply make you flabby and fat, even if it’s all protein. Stay within your calorie limit every single day.

6. Resisting Advice

When trainers or fellow bodybuilders tell you you’re either lifting too much, too little, or lifting the wrong way, don’t ignore them. If enough people say it, they have to be right. You could get seriously injured or not bulk up fast enough.

7. Taking Steroids

No on can tell you what to do here because you’re an adult. But you simply must consider the long term health implications that medical science has proven over and over again. Do you really want to take such a risk for the sport? It’s better to just train harder and smarter. You’ll eventually reach your bodybuilding goals without any drugs.

8. Not Including Cardio

To help shed extra pounds and fat and get really ripped faster, you simply have to incorporate cardio workouts into your routine most every day. Skipping them is a huge mistake. It’ll weaken your heart muscle as well.

9. Feeling Inferior

If you’re not making the progress you want at the rate you want, it’s easy to start not believing in yourself and thinking that every other bodybuilder is better than you. This isn’t true. It’s just your thoughts. Every bodybuilder develops his physique at a different pace. Your time will come. It just might take a little longer. Remain confident always.

10. Wanting Too Much Too Fast

This bodybuilding philosophy can cause serious injuries if you push too much with the weights. Think more long term and believe in yourself that you’ll eventually reach the majority of your bodybuilding goals if you simply work hard enough and stay injury free.

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