Major Muscle Breakthroughs Found In Bodybuilding Training

Bodybuilding Motivation

In order to succeed in the body building industry you need to be aware of the things which are used to gauge just how successful you are. The bench mark for success for any body builder is the amount of mass he has been able to acquire during the whole training period. Therefore the more mass a person gains the more successful he has become in this industry. Mass however does not mean being overweight what it simply means is the amount of muscles you have in your body.

With this in mind this article will provide a few pointers which will be of benefit in ensuring that you gain body mass. These tips will be especially useful in saving your time because you will be able to achieve fast muscle growth:

1. Focus On The Negative

If you want to attain muscle growth the whole process is a byproduct of the contraction of the muscles. More focus is usually on the concentric phase of the lift whereby there is a shortening of the muscles as they contract. However many bodybuilders ignore the eccentric phase which is characterized by the stretching or lengthening of the muscles. The eccentric phase can also lead to hypertrophy or increase in size of the muscles.

2. Take Plenty Of Fish

Fish contains very essential nutrients called omega three fatty acids which are especially useful for body builders. This is because omega three fatty acids sensitize the muscle tissues to be able to absorb a lot of insulin. When this happens they enhance the entry of amino acids and the storage of glycogen in the muscles and at the same time lead to the preservation of glutamine stores.

3. Do Not Overdo Aerobics

Aerobics should only be intense if your aim is to lose body fat, however if your aim is to gain body mass you should do as little aerobics as possible. You should not ignore aerobics all together because it has some health benefits such as, preventing high blood pressure and also preventing heart conditions such as heart attacks and strokes.

If you want to burn calories the best way to go about it is to increase the amount of lean muscles in the body. This is because when you increase your lean muscles the RMR or the resting metabolic rate is elevated and this automatically leads to the burning up of more calories.

4. Perform Some Intense Weight Lifting 

The only way you can increase your body muscles is through training intensely using weights. Transforming your body physique requires patience and dedication, and therefore if you are lucking any of the two then you will not be able to succeed in your goal. The number one reason why many people give up in there mission of attaining large muscles is because there progress is really slow in terms of the amount of time it takes before there body begins to respond to the training.

For quick results you should lift very heavy weights with minimal reps because this will yield faster results than lifting light weights with more reps.

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