The Purpose Of Testosterone Supplements

the purpose of testosterone supplements

A Testosterone Supplement or Testosterone Booster is meant to enhance a person’s performance, heighten the amount of new muscle growth and increase the overall mass of the person taking it. Testosterone, as you may already know, is a completely male specific testosterone responsible for many of the physiological aspects of human males. A good testosterone supplement is also known to have many other effects besides the general ones listed above, for instance, a testosterone supplement can heighten the sex drive in men, reduce body fat, build stronger bones, improve mental focus, increase natural energy levels and battle the onset of depression. The benefits of a testosterone supplement are too many list.

A testosterone supplement is designed to increase the output of one’s own natural testosterone rather than supplement with a false hormone base. Testosterone is an extremely powerful anabolic hormone and stimulates the development of muscles, genitalia, skin and bones primarily, but is also notably responsible for defining male sexuality.

To begin, a testosterone supplement functions in much the same testosterone itself functions. However, a small group of cells known as Leydig cells produce the naturally occurring testosterone hormone deep within the male testes. During puberty, these cells begin creating large doses of testosterone leading to the development of muscle mass, bone strength and the more noticeable aspects of puberty, altered voice, lowered and more developed genitalia, hair growth and more. Generally, the highest output of testosterone will occur in a male’s mid to late twenties.

As men begin to age, the production of testosterone in the Leydig cells dramatically decreases. Nearing the age of 65, most men will have lost almost 52% of their total testosterone production. When someone takes a testosterone supplement in this specific group, a naturally occurring increase of testosterone production can be expected. One of the large advantages of taking a testosterone supplement is that it can hinder problematic symptoms of a decline in testosterone production, including the effects of heavy drinking, lack of activity, stress, loss of sleep and the occasional depleting effect of prescription medications. By using a testosterone supplement, many times the negative effects can be minimized or even reversed.

Not sure if using a testosterone supplement will aid you? There are many signs of a deficiency in testosterone: weakened bone and tissue, irritability, lowered sexual desire, mild to heavy depression, the loss of body or head hair, thin or papery skin, excessive weight gain, enlarged breast area tissue and many more.

Doctors generally recommend using a testosterone supplement when patients have noticed significant increases in any of these symptoms. By utilizing a testosterone supplement, a patient can see the advantages within a number of weeks, without the harmful side effects of taking synthetic testosterone steroids.