Mustafa Mohammad

Mustafa Mohammad

Mustafa Mohammad was born on January 1, 1966 in the capital of Jordan, Amman. Since childhood, Mustafa played a lot of football, later engaged in kickboxing. One day he missed a strong blow and received a jaw fracture, after which he no longer participated in the battles. As Mustafa came to bodybuilding – is unknown. He started competing in 1986. In 1988, Mustafa Mohammad moved to Austria and lived in Vienna until now, becoming, in his words, an Austrian “heart and soul.” In 1989, Mustafa won the Austrian Cup. 2000 spectators “Wiener Stadthalle” accompanied his arbitrary program with a standing ovation, drowning out music.

In 1991 Mustafa Mohammad became the second at the tournament “Mr. Universe” (NABBA). In 1992, he won the European Championships, became the world middleweight champion, won the Asian Cup, the Mediterranean Cup and the Arabian Cup.

Since 2001, Mustafa Mohammed began a professional competitive career from the 18th place in the prestigious tournament “Night of the Champions”. During the period from 2001 to 2006 he took part in 24 professional tournaments, in which he did not occupy places above the third, and in seven of them he could not get into the top ten. Having an excellent genetics, being an endomesomorph, Mustafa had no problems with building muscle volumes, but he always faced the problem of achieving competitive conditions. That’s why Mustafa constantly took places below his potential and is considered one of the most underrated bodybuilders. Mustafa Mohammad – the owner of one of the best hips in the history of bodybuilding. The magazine “Flex”, in top of the best quadriceps put him on the fifth position after Tom Platz, Paul DeMayo, Ronnie Coleman and Brench Warren.

October 30, 2004 after the tournament “Mr. Olympia”, Mustafa Mohammad was hospitalized with a diagnosis of “hypokalemia” (a condition associated with a lack of intracellular potassium). Here is what a close friend of Mustafa, Milos Sarcev tells about it, who helped him to prepare for the tournament. It began with the fact that the customs at the airport in Las Vegas, Mustafa, as a citizen of another country, seized a supply of food, and a small stock of money, he spent on gifts to children, limiting himself to eating. In addition, Mustafa made a common mistake: taking potassium paired with the diuretic “Aldactone“, he completely ruled out water and did not take into account the high potassium content in sources of carbohydrates during loading. The first symptoms were manifested during posing. Mustafa is a phenomenal poseur who shows fascinating masterpieces, but this time there was something wrong … When Milos and Shawn Ray went up to Mohammad’s room, he lay face up, he had great dizziness, weakness, convulsions. When the doctor, who appeared on call, was going to introduce a drug that could only harm, Sarcev drove him out of the room. They called an ambulance, Milos personally escorted Mustafa to the hospital and was with him constantly. In 1992 Milos Sarcev witnessed the tragedy with another bodybuilder – Mohammed Benaziza died in a similar situation. Therefore, he persistently argued to doctors that Mustafa did not hypo-, but hyperkalemia and did not allow the introduction of electrolytes. Fortunately, the results of a blood test arrived, showing a potassium content of 8.8 units at a rate of 3.5 – 5.3. Such a high concentration of potassium could become deadly for Mustafa.

A week later, on October 30, 2004, Mustafa Mohammad took part in the Grand Prix of Holland tournament, completely not recovered. The situation repeated again, but this time Mustafa changed the source of carbohydrates, not knowing that the new kit contains more potassium. And again Milos Sartsev had to intervene to prevent the introduction of lethal injection by doctors.

Since 2006, Mustafa Mohammad no longer appeared on the podium. In 2009, a photo appeared on the Internet, in which Mustafa looked emaciated, skinny, weighing just over 70 kg. This photo caused a lot of speculation and gossip, but next year Mohammad announced his return to bodybuilding, but this did not follow.

Now Mustafa Mohammad – the owner of the gym “Body Step” with an area of ​​1000 square meters in Vienna. In the gym are training for bodybuilding, fitness, martial arts. In recent years, “Body Step” has become the leading training center for bodybuilding in Austria. The gym hosts Austrian championships and tournaments, organized by Mustafa Mohammad.

Mustafa’s wife, Suzanne, a certified fitness trainer, leads an individual group of people with diabetes. Mustafa and Suzanne have three children: Hamza’s sons, Omar and Maisun’s daughter. Despite his busy schedule, Mustafa finds time to visit his mother in Jordan, who loves and helps her in the fight against diabetes.

In 2013, Mustafa Mohammad was elected vice-president of the European Federation of WBPF.

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