Garlic Increases Testosterone Levels


Long ago, in times of Ancient Greece it was proven that garlic is able to raise the level of testosterone – a key growth hormone for strength and mass. Furthermore, as a side effect garlic also reduces cortisol in the human body. Testosterone and cortisol are natural enemies, fighting for the right to act on the muscle fibers. Testosterone leads to muscle growth, and cortisol – to its destruction. Garlic stimulates both the first and removes the second hormone, thus having a huge potential for athletes in their muscle building quest.

May be this is the reason for the large number of Italians, among the participants of Olympia Contest (for example, Kevin Levrone, Franco Columbu, Lou Ferrigno, Mike Matarazzo). But to get the desired result it is not necessarily to eat for days spaghetti with spicy  garlic sauce. There are more advanced ways. Try to take garlic supplements containing 4 mg of allicin (the active ingredient of garlic), divided into two equal doses (2 mg).

Swallow one of them for an hour before a workout and the results will be amazing. If you do not want to take these supplements, simply make garlic a part of your daily meals and it will help you achieve the desired results.

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