The Essential Nutrients You Need In Your Bodybuilding Training

essential nutrients in bodybuilding

For you to be able to succeed in gaining more muscles you need to go on a special kind of diet which is specifically tailor made to enhance muscle growth. When I first started lifting weights I did not know what kind of food I should eat. I used to hit the gym four times a week and do some serious training. After the training I would simply eat a lot of food, expecting to gain more muscles.

Looking back, I can’t help but to laugh at my self for being so ignorant. The number one food which was very frequent in my meals was veggies. Can you imagine trying to build muscles by eating veggies, I guess I have to blame too much cartoon watching, for I thought if spinach worked for Popeye then it could work for me also. It took about six months for me to realize that all my training and hard was not heading anywhere, and so I decided to do some serious research on body building.

If you have all the facts about body building and ways you can add more muscles fast then I think you will be able to save a lot of time in getting what you aim to achieve. The only hindrance to this approach is that nowadays there is a lot of information available. This creates a barrier because it becomes very difficult to filer the wrong information and retain with the right one.

Also if you feel yourself with a lot of information it may take you a lot of time to decide on which one to follow and therefore you end up not taking any action.

So if you are really serious that you want to gain more muscles then your diet should not miss any of the following; Highly concentrated Calories.

This is not simple as you think, do not just eat calories but choose foods with high calorie density. Doing this will enable you to consume even more calories and hence you don’t have to stuff yourself with a lot of food.

If you take foods which are nutrition dense and calorie dense you, will add lean weight quite easily. If you want to consume high calorie foods then eat very little vegetables and fibrous carbohydrates. Veggies such as broccoli, cucumber, lettuce and asparagus have low calorie density. This is because the body can not absorb calorie fiber content.

Such type of foods should only be eaten when you are trying to shed off some weight. The secret to gaining muscles is simply to eat foods which are very high on calorie such as simple carbohydrates. A very good example of simple carbohydrates is fresh juice which is better than taking the whole fruit. Fresh juice has a high concentration of calories than the fruit itself.

Proteins foods are also a very good source of high calories. If you want to gain lean muscles you take proteins such as lean beef, egg whites, fish and turkey. Remember that the building blocks of muscles are proteins.