5 Quick Nutrition Tips For Bodybuilders

nutrition tips for bodybuilders

Quality exercise, the right weight, good sleep and rest, warming up and stretching is the key to a successful full body workout. A beginner in the body building line needs to know five important things that can help him go a long way in excelling in this chosen hobby or profession.

The first important tip is to find 5 to 7 really good exercises for large muscles groups or 2 to 5 for small muscle groups. Choose exercises that can be done using the dumbbell or the bar. Use machines seldom and that too simply to give you a variation.

Find a good weight. This takes practice. Use two sets routine whereby your first set will receive all that you have in you and then going on to the second set where you increase the weights but reduce repetitions. What is important is that you fatigue the muscles through both the sets. This is more important than the type or number of exercises that you do.

Warm up
before you begin your exercise routine. This way you will prevent injuries. Warm up means where you get to the point of sweating but not exhaustion. You should take enough rests between sets too. This means that you will need to wait till your heart rate climbs down from its frantic pace but take care not to rest too much where your body starts to cool down. Also take breaks from your workouts. If you have exercised a certain body part today, do not repeat the same tomorrow but do another body part instead. This gives your body enough time to recoup, one should always train strict for better mass building.

Always support your back while lifting weights so that you prevent injuries. Never risk an injury. If you feel you cannot finish a set without cheating and keeping good form, it is time to drop the weight.

Drink plenty of water – and nothing else. Water is the only thing which will rejuvenate and feed your muscles giving it the much needed oxygen. Get enough sleep. Proteins get into action and repair the fatigued muscles when you sleep. Keep an eye on your diet and make sure that you are eating well balanced meals with lots of proteins. Eat proteins and carbohydrates an hour before workouts and make sure you have a proteins heavy meal within an hour of your workout.

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