A Training Guide For Novice Bodybuilders

novice bodybuilder

There are many people who had a daunting experience when they started out there bodybuilding careers. The reason is because there is no sport which can be intimidating than bodybuilding, this is because the sport is characterized with people who are muscular with big arms and large chests. If you are a skinny person starting out on bodybuilding you can be easily intimidated when you come across such people.

However when you go to the gym, you need to keep one thing in mind, even those professional bodybuilders started out where you are right now. They did not come from there mothers womb looking the way they look today. This article will show you the steps you should take in order to develop there body physique;

How to get started

It is spectacular that you have decided to take up bodybuilding. If you are looking to build body mass, grow a pair of six packs, or just to cut down your body weight then you can be able to accomplish all this through weight training.

Before starting your missions you need to first state your reason for starting bodybuilding in the first place. After writing your reasons for taking up bodybuilding you need to also write down what you hope to achieve through bodybuilding i.e. your goal for taking bodybuilding. Your goals need to be classified as either long term or short-term. This will enable you to come up with a training program which will help you meet your goal.

Coming up with your own training program

Before you even develop your training program you must have in mind the reason as to why you are coming up with the exercise routine in the first place. If you are a novice bodybuilder you need to ensure your training program is based on a solid foundation. Therefore the first step you should take is to ensure that your training program is designed in an efficient manner. In order to determine whether the training routine is fit for you, you need to consult a fitness expert who will be able to advice you as to whether the fitness program will help you attain your goal.

Body part training

The only to train your muscles effectively is by dividing your training exercises into body parts. You need to work out each body part separately. There are many professional bodybuilders who can attest to the fact that this approach has enabled them to achieve tremendous muscle growth. The other advantage of clearly defining your different muscle groups from the beginning is to be able to avoid an imbalance in the training of the several muscle groups. Thus your body composition is perfect in terms of muscle development.


There are very many techniques to choose from in order to exercise your different muscle groups. But if you are a novice bodybuilder you need to begin with the basics such as undertaking compound movement exercises. The advantage of this technique is that it trains very many muscle groups at the same time.

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