Ronny Rockel

Ronny Rockel

German bodybuilder Ronny Rockel was born on July 12, 1972 in the small town of Chemnitz. His childhood was spent in the days of the communist regime, in which there was no place for the development of such a sport as bodybuilding. Therefore, until his coming of age, Rockel heard nothing about it. Everything changed in 1989, when the famous Berlin Wall fell and the inhabitants of Germany got all the news and innovations of the surrounding world. Along with them came the American cinema, which influenced the choice of the future career of Rockel. After watching the film “Conan the Barbarian”, Ronny realized that he wants to look the same as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Of course, almost all the young men of his age wanted the same, but they did not have one important quality – Ronny’s persistence and zeal.

But in the implementation of such a goal he was hampered by one circumstance: in his native city there were no professional gyms. Rockel did not despair and has begun independently, how much it was possible, to comprehend all science of bodybuilding.

Fortunately, the fall in the regime was accompanied by the development of entrepreneurship, and soon the first paid gym opened in Chemnitz, where Ronny immediately recorded. Here he learns all the necessary information about the correct and consistent training of individual muscle groups, sports diets and gets access to bodybuilding magazines.

His first championship was held in Hess (1994), where Rockel took the last place in his weight category. But despair did not have a place in Ronny’s heart this time. On the contrary, his workouts have become even more difficult, and diets more stringent. Due to this, he wins the German Nationals 95th and takes 3rd place in the tournament NABBA Mr. Universe. At this point, he decides to become a professional bodybuilder and take his place in the world’s bodybuilding rating.

However, not everything was so simple. From 1995 to 2002, Rockel performed at various championships with varying success. He actively trains and devotes bodybuilding all his time, but his professional status is still not available to him. This long-awaited moment came only in late 2002, when Ronny Rockel won the open championship of Germany. After this weighty victory, he signs a contract with a company that sells sports nutrition and moves to California, where he continues his training.

Once in the ranks of professional bodybuilders, Rockel begins year after year to improve their results in various competitions. And, indeed, every year the places occupied by Rockel in tournaments are getting higher. Rockel has got to the six of prize-winners in the most prestigious tournaments Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic, has twice won professional tournament Mister Europe Pro.

Today, Ronny and his girlfriend live in the German city of Zwickau. Besides bodybuilding, he works as a fitness trainer.

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