Alcohol and Creatine Loading

alcohol and creatine loading

Creatine is a wonderful supplement. It increases the amount of water retention in your body. You look fuller, you feel like a million bucks, and above all, you are both bigger and stronger. It is the most thoroughly researched supplement in history, and despite all of the inquiries from parties looking to demonize this very effective powder, it has stood the test of science. When used correctly, it is a safe supplement which delivers a great deal of water retention for the user. However, despite its greatness, there are times when creatine isn’t the best supplement in the world. While it is safe with nearly all over the counter drugs, there is one thing that shouldn’t be mixed with creatine, in order to preserve your health: Alcohol.

In terms of alcohol consumption, you should never deprive yourself if drinking is something that you enjoy immensely. “Beer is proof that the gods want us to be happy” remarked Ben Franklin, and he was absolutely correct. Alcohol helps us to relax after a long day, and takes the edge off when it can be at its worst. Additionally, red wine contains Resveratrol, which is very well reputed for its ability to help prevent cancer and heart disease. This is why many physicians recommend their patients consume one glass of red wine each evening. The key is to drink alcohol in moderation so that you do not jeopardize our health or your bodybuilding. If you enjoy going drinking on the weekends, keep your number of drunks to a minimum.

Now, when you add creatine into the mix, the factors change. Creatine pulls water away from your organs to your muscles, giving them that full appearance. Red wine (as well as other kinds of alcohol) draws water out of the body entirely; giving you increased vascularity and causing you to urinate a great deal while clearing out this water. As one can imagine, mixing the two is not the best idea you could have. You should space them out a few hours apart on the days when you consume at least 1 glass of alcohol with 1 tablespoon of creatine.

For loading, you have to be a bit more careful. You won’t want to fully saturate your body with four teaspoons of creatine (5 grams each totaling 20 grams) per day, only to spend that evening dehydrating your body with alcohol. If you choose to load, you cannot use creatine at the same time. It’s that simple. In addition to alcohol, any activity which lowers your body’s levels of water saturation should be avoided. High salt foods will dehydrate your body of water. Saunas and places such as the beach can leave you quiet dehydrated, which doesn’t work well with a system full of creatine. Drink at least one cup of water per hour all day as you complete your daily tasks, with double that with meals and when you’re training. Water manipulation can be very effective, but dangerous as well. Don’t mix your creatine and alcohol, and drink a lot of water, and you should be fine.