How To Get The Best Use Of A Gym Guest Pass

the best use of a gym guest pass

You got your hot little hands upon a gym pass. You’re ready to check out a new gym. But should you just run in there after work, hit biceps, and toss the pass in the trash? Or would it be wiser to make a day of it, learning everything you can about the gym and deciding if joining might be a good idea for you? Let’s look at some ways you can make the best use of a gym’s resources on those lucky occasions when you do own a daily pass.

Check out their website first

Many gyms will have some exclusive or revolutionary piece of equipment on their facilities that they are just dying to brag about on their website. Maybe it’s a new leg apparatus or bench press variant. Whatever the piece of equipment, knowing what it is may allow you to plan what muscle group you will be training that day. You’ll also be able to scan the website for any unique rules which may affect your visit there. Some gyms don’t permit gym locks, cell phones, or bags on the gym floor. Make yourself aware of these limitations before you enter the gym to use your day pass. These nuggets of information might be of common knowledge to gym members, but news to you!


Of course, you should be completing a full muscle group training session when you attend this new gym. Take a rest day ahead of time so you are at your freshest and can get your money’s worth (figuratively speaking) in the gym that day. Since there will most likely be no limit as to how many minutes you can train that day, take your time! Load up your mp3 player and make an afternoon of it!


After you complete your weight training session, jump over to the most unique and interesting cardio machine you see, and get pedaling! If you’re feeling energetic after your weight session and some time in the cardio area, wander into their crunch room or boxing facilities. Have some fun!


If the bathroom facilities are nice, why not opt for a free shower? It will prevent you from wearing home the sweat and dirt you’ve picked up at the gym and it will expose you to the facilities available at your fingertips!

Further Deals

If you don’t have a gym pass, call them up and ask for one! Most gyms will gladly give up a free trip if there’s any percentage of a chance you will be joining and shoveling over $500 in yearly fees! Some of them will even issue a weekly or 10-day pass, to allow you to become addicted to the place before trying to convince you to sign. Using one may result in you being hounded by management to put your name on the dotted line, but it will also be a nice way to learn everything you can about the staff, facilities, and resources the gym has to offer. In this tough economy, you, as the consumer, are certainly calling the shots!