Training Tips To Improve Your Physique

18 Inch BicepsAre you one of the muscle men? Do you train hard, eat right, use the right supplements, and give your body plenty of time to recover? Or are you just spinning your wheels, spending your days talking about how one day you’ll be some great bodybuilder – but you never quite make the steps necessary to achieve this incredible feat? If you’re all talk and no walk, it’s time to make a change. It’s time to get in shape!

The first thing you will want to do it adjust your diet. Start slow. Don’t begin an entirely new diet, or there’s a good chance you’ll fail. Rather, you should focus your energies upon one simple thing at a time. First, add protein to your diet. Just an extra piece of meat, three times per day, will make a significant initial difference. Then, move on to a few more changes. Perhaps you can cut the sugars out of your diet by cutting out the soda, slowly (but watch out for the caffeine headaches!) Add water as well, since the added protein may leave you dehydrated.

Next, start walking. Yes, you might flinch at the idea of moving around you block like an elderly woman. However, it will stimulate blood flow to all areas of your body – particularly to the muscles you want to start punching to new ceilings! Once you’ve walked for a week, get in the gym and complete a week or two of light, full body workouts. From there, move on to hitting each muscle group twice per week using a few more sets and a little more intensity. Finally, use this foundation of fitness and go all out – hitting everything on its own day and returning to the uber-successful 5 day bodybuilding split that is quite the standard.

One common problem that many bodybuilders face is that they are constantly changing things up. You don’t have to continually confuse the muscles of the body in order to become one of the muscle men – instead, you need to simply hammer the muscle groups of the body with a very effective and well thought out workout. You can’t be taking days off of the gym every week for whatever reason. We all have things that limit our schedule – but very rarely do we let them derail our training. If you miss anything more than one workout a month, you’re still spinning your wheels – and real muscle men do not do that! Got it?

Finally, stop talking. Don’t tell your mom, your girlfriend, or your buddies about the bodybuilding success you hope to soon achieve. Rather, just do it, man! Don’t plan out loud. Keep your mouth shut. Anytime you want to start babbling about yourself, instead go to the kitchen and cook a meal for later. Complete some crunches. Just do anything but waste time planning for something that doesn’t require that much planning, that you should be doing already. Just train baby – stop talking about it and just do it!

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