Tips To Help You Build Muscle

muscle building tipsIn a world where everyone wants to look better and build muscle it can be difficult to find the right methods to help a person achieve their fitness goals. A good work out plan is the key to success, and these tips should help you reach your goals.

Keep a workout log. This will help you keep on track with you daily fitness routine. It will also give you a place to set goals. Remember people who write down their goals have a much better chance of reaching them than people who do not. You will want to try to create an extra four to six pounds of muscle a month, beyond that, weight gain is usually fat.

Drink anywhere from four to six glass of water a day. Dehydration is the enemy when attempting to build that body that you want.

Make sure to have a good, healthy meal about a half hour before you work out. hitting the weights while you are hungry slows down muscle growth.

Using a training partner can help you stay motivated on those days when you dread hitting the weights. Turning it into a friendly competition can help you keep the motivation needed to go that extra mile.

Every 48 hours began your workout with three full body, weight training sessions.

Start your workouts with stretches and a short run to get your heart rate up. This will help met down fat, and prepare your body for the more intensive parts of your workout plan.

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