Weight Training Techniques

weight training techniques

Whether you are new to weight training or not, you can use advanced weight training techniques to build muscle mass. If you want to see great results, you need to make sure you train hard, eat adequate amounts of food and rest properly. You should create a workout program and stick to it for about 30 days. Muscles adapt to stress after some time, so it is crucial that you change your routine periodically. Read these weight training techniques if you want to boost your results.

Firstly, you can do super sets if you want to build new muscle mass. Super sets involve completing an exercise immediately after another exercise. No rest is taken in between exercises, besides the time it takes to get into position for the following exercise. For example, you can do antagonist super sets, which involves working opposing muscles like a leg extension followed by a leg curl. Also, you can do a pre-exhaust super set, which involves completing an isolated exercise after a compound exercise for the same muscle. For example, you can do a chest fly followed by a chest press. A giant set is another type of super set. Giant sets involve completing three or more exercises, with no rest in between.

Secondly, rest pause is another weight training technique. It involves completing as many reps as possible, taking a break for several seconds, then completing additional reps. Down the rack is a rest pause, stripping technique. It involves using dumbbells or barbells. The exerciser completes as many reps as possible, puts the weight down, grabs a lighter resistance, and completes as many reps as possible. The exerciser can repeat the process with a lighter weight after that.

Thirdly, super slow training is another weight training technique, which involves completing reps in a slow manner. This weight training technique builds muscular endurance, and it is useful for people that are susceptible to injury.

Next, another weight training technique included forced repetitions. Typically, forced repetitions are carried out with the help of a spotter or training partner. They are completed with heavy weights or near the end of a set, right after failure. Keep in mind that forced repetitions may lead to overtraining if used for a long period of time. Alternatively, you can increase the weight and amount of repetitions slowly. You will make excellent progress if you increase the difficulty of your workouts slowly. You need to give your muscles a chance to adapt to the new weight.

Adapt these weight training techniques into your workout program periodically, and you will gain new muscle mass. Change the order of your workout routines periodically, do new exercises from time to time, challenge your muscles with each workout, increase the repetitions and weight you lift when you can, and the hard work will pay off soon.

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