Spring Training Guide For Bodybuilders

spring training

Well, spring is here and you wan to hit the beach and flaunt what you have. Well if you haven’t been going o the gym as much as you are meant to, you still have time. However, I do hope that you won’t make a habit of last minute preparations. As scouts are normally told and as their motto clearly states, you should always be prepared. Let’s not dwell in the past, so what to do?

First of all you need to thoroughly look at your current state. If you didn’t overindulge in fast foods, then you can still flatten that tummy in a couple of days. My tummy flattens within two weeks of low carb intake and thorough exercise. But what woks for me might probably not work for everyone of cause. You can also start off by putting down that bottle of beer. Here are some tips that will make you look great in that bikini or in those shorts.

1. Work On Your Skin

You need to ensure that your skin looks great especially now that you’re planning to show off some skin. No matter how well toned your body is, ashy, dry, flaky skin just won’t cut it. You need to invest in some moisturizer as well as in some sun screen. Sun screen should actually be worn all year round because the sun’s UV rays always find a way to reach the earth’s surface even when it is not sunny.

2. Get A Good Tan

No matter how out of shape you are, a good tan will practically turn the tables round. You can get some tanning cream or do it the old fashion way.

3. Wear Beachwear That Improves Your Figure

It is common knowledge that horizontal stripes make you look wider while vertical stripes make you look more slender. Wear something that will accentuate your strong points and at the same time tone down your weak points. Wear something that you will be comfortable in and if you simply feel conscious in what you’re in chances are tat it will show. Just wear something comfortable and keep that for another day when you’re toned well.

4. Improve Your Posture

No matter how masculine you look, the fact that your back and shoulders are slouched will greatly tone down your overall look. There are people who look really great in terms of the muscles they have pumped but they have even lost competitions because of something as simple as their posture.

5. Drink Lots and Lots of Water

Water is quite essential for your body and is a must for you to drink plenty of it. Water is not only responsible for the regulation of temperature, toxicity but acts as a medium for reactions to take place as well as a reactor in many chemical reactions. Water gives your skin a healthy natural glow as it practically cleanses the body from the inside out. It will make your skin soft, smooth and supple.

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