Testoxyl Enanthate 250

testoxyl enanthate 250

Today there are two long esters of testosterone and one of them is enanthate. This is a great drug for gaining weight. Learn how to use TESTOXYL ENANTHATE 250 correctly.

The vast majority of anabolic cycles use testosterone enanthate as the main drug. It is great for solo use or in combination with other steroids, regardless of your training history.

The manufacturer of this drug – Kalpa Pharmaceuticals does not need to be introduced for a long time. Any athlete probably used the products of this company, famous all over the world. Kalpa employees monitor all the latest trends in sports pharmacology and try to quickly introduce new technologies into their production. Not many AAS manufacturers can boast of government support. Let’s pay attention to the excellent ratio of quality – testosterone enanthate price, which is typical for all the company’s products.

We also note that the management of the manufacturing company pays great attention to the protection of their products. In any case, you will be insured against the purchase of fake drugs if you decide to buy testosterone enanthate in specialized stores.


We have already mentioned that TESTOXYL ENANTHATE 250 is a long-acting drug. For this reason, you can take injections once a week and anabolism will remain at a high level all the time. Among the main properties of TESTOXYL ENANTHATE, we note:

  • In the muscle tissue, the rate of protein production increases sharply;
  • Synovial fluid is secreted more actively, which has a beneficial effect on the performance and condition of the ligamentous-articular apparatus;
  • Tissues are better supplied with nutrients due to rapid blood production;
  • Your sex drive will increase dramatically;
  • The balance of phosphorus and nitrogen is normalized, which increases anabolism.


For beginners, we can recommend solo testosterone enanthate. It is necessary to use testosterone for at least one month, but at the same time it is worth doing it for more than 60 days (2 months). The dosage of the drug ranges from 0.2 to 0.6 grams. To increase the effectiveness of the cycle, use other anabolic steroids as auxiliary ones. It is very easy to do this, as TESTOXYL ENANTHATE 250 works well with any steroid.

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