The Facts About Tridenosen H

Tridenosen H

Q: I’ve been hearing a lot of guys on various internet boards talk about TridenosenH™. Is this a steroid or prohormone? And can I lose weight on TridenosenH™, or is it strictly a muscle building drug or supplement?

A: Well, Tri-H is not an anabolic steroid. In fact, it isn’t even a prohormone, but it’s getting a lot of great buzz lately, and for good reason! TridenosenH™ was developed with mimicking protein sparing effects and nitrogen retention effects of anabolic steroids in mind. The steroid it most closely mimics is Oxandrolone – more commonly known as Anavar. Oxandrolone has long been known to cause incredible synthesis of creatine phosphate and ATP, but it differs from other steroids because it triggers anabolis m activating motor proteins (actin and myosin) which stimulates the formation of new muscle tissue, rather than through androgenic action.

TridenosenH™ is also designed to be very thermogenic (brown fat thermogenesis in particular – which often correlates with abdominal fat) – by shutting down A-1 adenosine fat receptors and mobilizing fat for fuel. So you can definitely lose weight on this, and also get hard and expect some decent development. For not being a steroid, this is about as close as you can get these days.

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