Teardrop Quadriceps Isolation

quadriceps isolation

Bodybuilders are often very insecure people by nature. What draws most to the sport of bodybuilding? Usually it is the realization that one is just too small for one’s tastes. With weights come new strength, new muscle size, and a new confidence. As lifters evolve into bodybuilders, targeting individual muscle groups more and more in the name of complete physique development & balance, some weak areas become clear. And of course, the lifter delivers dedicated training to these areas to better isolate and conquer them.

Then, there is the envy. This of course is the jealousy that arises when one competitor has a freaky body part such as biceps or calves, which stand out from everyone else on the bodybuilding stage. As one moves up the competitive bodybuilding ranks from local to regional to state to national level, everyone seems to have more and more of these freaky body parts, until you reach the top of the amateur ranks, when just about everyone on that stage is almost physically perfect.

Once muscle group tendency which is highly popular, highly desired, rarely attained by often sought is the teardrop quadriceps. This is the full and complete development of the outer lower muscles of the quadriceps, or the vastus medialis. Men train for years and see very little development in terms of this area, even as their glutes, hamstrings and quads grow big and thick. What is the key to hitting these teardrops? There are really only two reasonable answers, through training & chemistry.

The training aspect is simple. Instead of relegating seated leg extensions to a warmup or finisher movement, make it a huge part of your training routine. Base your leg workout around squats (for overall muscle mass) and leg extensions, with plenty of weight and a specific focus upon the flexion and hold of the quad teardrops in order to flush blood into this area to facilitate some new growth.

The second factor is chemistry, in this case being the use of anabolic steroids. This is absolutely not a requirement to be a complete and happy bodybuilder, but if you are considering moving to the national ranks and would like complete quad development, steroids are going to play a key role. Like the shoulder muscles (deltoids), the quadriceps are packed with high numbers of individual muscle cells. These respond almost overnight to AAS, and blow up very quickly Large shoulders and well developed quads are primary signs a lifter is no longer natural, and unfortunately, a reality of the sport.

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