Porter Cottrell

Porter Cottrell

Porter Cottrell Famous BodybuilderProfessional bodybuilder, and today certified trainer Porter Cottrell was born in 1962 (USA, Kentucky, Louisville). The guy was not exactly lucky – he was born with congenital syndrome Tourette (a disease associated with a nervous breakdown). Fortunately, it manifested itself in Porter only in a barely noticeable change in facial expressions. Therefore, the disease did not in the least prevent him from succeeding in life.

From his earliest childhood into sports, Cottrell still did not think about devoting himself to bodybuilding. As he himself said, interest in this sport was always, but at first on an amateur level. And it appeared after watching the popular at the time the movie “Hercules” and reading a dozen sports magazines.

But Porter was always a realist and understood that the most important thing in life is confidence in the future, which can only be if there is a permanent job. Therefore, he graduated from college, having received the specialty of a welder, but he chose to work under the tone of his temper tantrum – a firefighter. During his studies and work, Cottrell always found a place to practice in the gym, and the sessions are reinforced, in accordance with all the rules of bodybuilding.

Porter Cottrell BodybuildingOn the advice of friends, Porter is applying for Junior Naughty in 1988 and wins it. Since then, he has become a regular participant in the most prestigious competitions among bodybuilders around the world and will soon receive a professional card. His most notable victories came in 1993, when, in addition to several state tournaments, he also won the Champions Night. Also worthy, he looked at Olympia and Arnold Classic in different years ([although he did not become a champion, he was among the top 5).

It was extremely difficult to combine such a responsible and dangerous profession with the need for constant training. But Cottrell developed his own schedule of studies and, through persistence, managed to prove that nothing is impossible for him.

But he was not going to always risk his life and health, and therefore received a medical education, because in view of his profession, he was accustomed to helping people. Having finished the career of a firefighter and completed the career of a professional bodybuilder, he organized his company TEAM COTTRELL, which is engaged in the implementation of training videos and printed articles on bodybuilding, powerlifting, fitness and support for young sports talents. In addition, he owes several gyms and develops its own training programs.

Being a very versatile personality, Cottrell always emphasized education by saying this phrase: “Whatever I was, my education is the only thing that no one will ever take from me.”

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