Quick Tips For Getting the Highest Muscle Weight Gain

muscle weight gain

If you’re looking for the most muscle weight gain and you’re already achieving some results in the gym, then here are a few tips to help you get even more from your training.

1. Focus on trying to get all of your muscle fibers involved in the lifting. Muscles work on the all or nothing principle, so you’ll never get 100% of your fibers to fire all at once, but if you’re thinking that way, at least you’ll be recruiting more fibers than if you were just focusing on trying to get the weight to the top of the phase.

highest muscle weight gain2. Adjust your workout according to your stage of progress. Every workout should have the goal of having 20% of your reserve fibers for every muscle enlisted in the effort. You do this by a 4 step calculation. Sorry, there’s math involved. (1.) Put on the most weight you can possibly do for any exercise. (2.) Rest for 5 minutes and then do as many repetitions of that exercise as you can with 80% of the weight you did in step one. (3.) Multiply that number by 0.15. (4.) Now to get the number of repetitions you would need to do before you can expect to increase the poundage by 5, simply add the answer you got in step 3 to the number of repetitions you got in step 2. On the other hand, to get the number of repetitions you would need to do to get 20% of your muscle reserves involved, simply subtract the answer you calculated in step 3 from the number of repetitions you did in step 2.

3. Eat for the purpose of living and putting on muscle, not for the purpose of pleasure or boredom. It’s not that easy, of course. However, to make it as easy as possible, stay away from the middle of the supermarket aisles. There is nothing good in there for your muscle building progress. And don’t keep anything in your cupboards that will tempt you.

4. When you’re eating with the goal of getting the most muscle weight gain, you don’t really need that much protein. Only 1 gram of protein for every 2 pounds of body weight is all that is required to build solid muscle. Anything more is either excreted or worse – turned into fat.

5. Give your muscles time to recover. Weight lifting demolishes your muscles if you’re doing it correctly, and they need time to clean up afterward and reconstruct. You need at least 48 hours to rest according to physiologists.

6. Focus on weight bearing exercises almost exclusively. This is the kind of exercise that stimulates the fast twitch fibers in your muscles to grow as opposed to the slow twitch fibers. Fast twitch fibers are the ones that give you the muscle weight gain. Do light cardiopulmonary exercise on your days away from the weights.

7. Have a good routine that you can always rely on to keep you motivated and returning to the gym. There are plenty of books and websites that include recommended workouts. Just make sure to include the 3 amigos of barbell squats which involve the greatest number of lower body muscles, the bench press which likewise involves the greatest number of muscles – of the upper body, and the straight leg dead lift – or if you like, the full standing overhead press; the three best exercises for achieving overall muscle weight gain.

Keep these 7 quick tips in mind if you want the best results for your muscle weight gain efforts.

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