DragonPharma.Net Reviews


Dragonpharma.net is an online store that provides its customers with delivery of over 300 steroid products. The store offers only online services and has a wide variety of anabolics available ranging from Anavar, Dianabol, Winstrol, Deca, EQ, Sustanon, Test E and many more. The list keeps going. The store states in their F.A.Q section that every order is delivered to U.S.A residents and that the store does not deliver to countries like Italy, The UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands and France.

The orders are processed within twenty four hours. Shipping costs are ~ $25.00 per order. On every paid order the clients are receiving cash-back on their account balance. Clients are allowed to make changes to their orders within twenty four hours of placing the order. The shipment of the order, according to website, can take up to ten to thirty one days which includes possible delays that may occur. All steroids are manufactured in Europe. The website has a very descriptive F.A.Q section that customers can consult to in need of answers or contact the customer support.

Customer Reviews:

All customers that have placed orders on the websites have complimented their fast delivery service. The quality of the products they received was good too. Customers also reported prompt service of the customer support center which helped them through their queries. Due to the confidentiality that store provides of their identities, customers have also claimed that they will use the website again for their orders.

Conclusive remarks:

Dragonpharma.net can be praised for the descriptive layout and additional features of their website. They also keep the customers updated and have included articles in their website related to bodybuilding. The few customer reviews that the website has reflect good service. Overall, I would rate the company a 5 out 5.

Dragonpharma.net Review – 5 out of 5 stars by RxBodybuilders!

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