Leg Training Plateaus: Tips and Tricks for Breaking Through

Leg Workout PlateauAre you an intermediate or advanced bodybuilder who just can’t seem to spurn growth in your legs to keep up with that of your upper body? It’s not an uncommon condition to face. In the gyms and bodybuilding stages across the world, you’ll meet many bodybuilders who focused upon their chest and arms in the beginning years of their training, and neglected their legs. When they finally did begin training legs, their upper bodies already had a 1 to 2 year advantage in terms of overall development. They may have worked hard to bring their legs up to par, but they also kept their upper body training at the highest possible intensity. As a result, their legs may have grown, but still have not been able to reach the level of development seen on their upper bodies.

As the bodybuilder reaches the age of 28 or 30 and beyond, it becomes harder and harder to make gains in terms of leg mass. Most bodybuilders slowly realize the unfortunate truth, that they probably won’t make much in the terms of leg mass without extraordinary means. These means can include the use of anabolic steroids, or advanced training methods. Let’s discuss some of the training methods which can be employed to spurn leg mass when gains are slow to come.

Begin your leg routine with a set of high repetition leg extensions, and then move directly to the squat rack for a set of heavy squats. Repeat for 5 sets. By then your front quadriceps, an area which is weakest on most bodybuilders with weak quads, will have received the most stimulation they’ve ever felt in your life! You can follow this act with a nice combination of high-repetition leg press

Front Squats
Many bodybuilders dislike them because they are awkward and only allow you to use a fraction of your standard squat poundage. However, front squats are remarkably effective for adding mass to the front thighs. Use them 2 to 3 times per month.

Go Heavy
If you’re lifting as much weight as a 180-pound bodybuilder, then you’re going to remain 180 pounds. If you’re lifting as much weight as a 230-pound beast, and providing your body with adequate nutrition and rest, then you are going to grow beyond the 180 pound mark and move closer to 230 pounds. Lift light, stay light – it’s that simple!

It’s well known that it’s impossible to gain several inches on your thighs without adding 10 to 20 pounds on the scale reading. If you wish to gain several pounds of muscle on your legs, it’s time to add a great deal of calories to your daily caloric intake. You can always diet away fat gains later. Right now, it’s important to add as much muscle as possible as early in your training career as possible.

If you’ve not yet reached the age of 30, you are in good shape. You should immediately make leg mass the focus of your training. The time is now to make improvements. Your natural hormone levels after reaching age 30 will make it very tough to add any meaningful leg size.

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