Look up in that vial… it’s a bird. It’s a plane. No… It’s super-steroid!

That’s right. Today we’re talking about Sustanon steroids, and if you have never heard of them, then you do not know what you are missing out on. Sustanon was the work of some brilliant scientist who realized that if one testosterone is good, then four testosterone’s must be great!

You see, once upon a time, most anabolic steroids deliver a single boost of testosterone to your body when it is injected. Some will take a few days to break down before being released into the bloodstream. But they will always give that single boost to the blood, as they are in fact a single flavor or ester of testosterone. There is nothing wrong with that, right? Well, our good friend the mad scientist discovered that different testosterone’s had different release rates. Some would be in a few hours, some in a few days, and some in over a week! He thought about telling bodybuilders to take 4 smaller shots of testosterone to enjoy the benefits they deliver. But then he realized that bodybuilders, despite their tough exteriors, really are big babies. So, being a nice scientist, he mixed up all four kinds of oil into a single vial. He left it under the pillow of the sleeping giant, and returned to his secret laboratory.

When the sleeping giant awoke, he was very upset that someone had stolen his single shot of one flavor of testosterone, but he was intrigued by the 4-stack of testosterone esters that took its place. He slowly retracted the plunger and injected into his giant backside. Then, something magical happened. He started to grow. But he didn’t just grow once. No siree! The giant grew four times, as the testosterone esters each worked at their own release timeline. He had a second shot, 3 days later, and the sequential testosterone releases continued. This time, they started overlapping. Soon his bloodstream was swimming in T boosts all day long. He felt bigger and stronger for the first time, and that confidence served him well in making nice with all the towns folk who had once feared his testosterone addiction.

The moral of the story is that while one testosterone is good, two is better. If two is good, then three is better. And if three is great, then four must totally rock! If you are a serious bodybuilder who is truly concerned with making the most of your bodybuilding potential, then you owe it to yourself to stop wasting your time with paltry one-shot testosterone’s There exists a compound which would mean you’d never need to squander growth potential again, and you’d only need two shots a week of 300 mg to make it all happen. If you are interested in Sustanon steroids, you should work with your supplier today to give it a shot – literally! You won’t find a bodybuilder who will tell you that Sustanon steroids won’t work.

And they all grew happily ever after!

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