How To Determine The Frequency And Duration Of Your Training

frequency duration training

There are many bodybuilders who are not sure about the training pattern which is going to make them attain optimal results. When it comes to the training frequency many bodybuilders are not sure whether they should train for consecutive days. In order to determine when you should train, you need to look out for any soreness in your muscle tissues. If you are feeling any soreness in your muscle tissues then you need to postpone training until the following day. The recent trend among seasoned bodybuilders nowadays is to divide there workouts into the upper and lower body part workouts. When they separate there workouts as such they are able to train for consecutive days in the gym. When it comes to the frequency of your training you should avoid skipping training for four consecutive days. If you choose training on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday this will be an effective training frequency. A three times a week workout frequency is still effective in helping you stimulate muscle growth.

The other query that many bodybuilders have is with regards to the duration of there training. If you want to stimulate muscle growth you should avoid training for more than an hour. You need to shorten the time you spend in the gym if you want to increase your muscles mass. In order to spend less time in the gym, you need to train using compound movement technique. Compound movement exercises help you train more than one muscle at the same time and this help you reduce the amount of time you spend in the gym. When you are weight training, the first twenty minutes are the most important since this is the period needed to stimulate muscle growth. You should therefore avoid any weight training program which proposes that you should train for an hour. You need to ensure that during those twenty minutes your training session is very intense.

Apart from the frequency and duration of the training other important aspect of the training will be highlighted in the gym. The first aspect involves warming up properly before even starting to lift the weights. Failure to warm up before lifting weights will make you injure yourself when training.

The reason why you need to warm up is because it helps increase the flexibility of your joints. The reason why many bodybuilders injure themselves when they are lifting weights is because there joints are not flexible. When you are lifting weights you should also ensure that you first stretch before doing the actual lifting. Stretching also helps increase the flexibility of the joints thus you will be able to reduce the probability of getting injuries when lifting weights.

It is also important that you maintain text book form when you are lifting weights. The importance of training using proper form cannot be overemphasised. When you train in text book form you will be able to avoid ‘cheating’. Cheating is where you use your body movement to do the actual lifting.

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