Five Bodybuilding Training And Exercise Myths

bodybuilding myths

This article will highlight several myths which have mislead a lot of trainers in there goal to stay fit. There are several people who despite how effective there training program is they have been unable to transform there body thanks to these bodybuilding myths. They include;

1. Home workouts are not as effective as going to the gym

Through various studies conducted to measure the effectiveness of training at home, results showed that home based fitness programs are very effective since a person is less intimidated compared to training in a public gym. You are more likely to get intimidated and not stick to a particular training program when you are training in a public gym and not at home. Imagine going to a gym where everyone is very muscular and mean looking and there you are trying to pump weights with your skinny figure.

2. Overweight people have no business weight training

There are several fitness experts who believe that obese people have no business lifting weights and instead should concentrate on aerobic exercises. In fact obese people are the best candidates to lift weights since weight training exercises lead to a permanent lose in weight. The reason is because through weight training a person is able to increase the number of lean body muscles. When you increase the number of lean body muscles you will also be able to increase the rate of your body metabolism. The resulting increase in your body metabolism will cause you to lose even more weight and develop a proper body physique.

3. Obese people can not benefit from water fitness programs

Research has shown that obese people too can benefit a lot from water fitness programs because it is very effective in helping a person stay fit and lose weight at the same time. If you are an athlete seeking to improve your performance you should incorporate water fitness programs in your routine and see hoe effective they can be in enhancing your performance.

4. The benefits of Tai Chi and Yoga are very questionable

There are several health benefits you can derive from this exercise routines. If you are practicing Tai Chi you will be able to treat low back pain and fibromyalgia. If you are practicing yoga you will experience improved body posture, balance, coordination, flexibility, and improved psychological health.

5. Conventional diets will make you lose weight

This myth is very absurd and it has made many people end up gaining weight instead of losing weight. These conventional diets will force your body to go into starvation mode. When the body is in starvation mode it will start to preserve energy by burning muscles instead of body fat. You will therefore experience an overall decrease in the number of lean body muscles and a corresponding increase in the number of body fat. Your body metabolism will also slow down as a result of the depletion of body muscles and therefore your body will not be able to burn a lot of calories. When your body metabolism slows down your body weight will increase since you will be burning fewer calories.

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