Steroids are one of the most frequently used drugs. There use, however, is limited to most serious indications because of the extremely large numbers of side effects that they have to offer. These are basically synthetic derivatives of normal hormones with the ability to influence most of the major systems of the body. As a result, steroid taken for one particular reason will not only influence the problem in question but will also exert strong influences on apparently healthy components of the human body. In order to ensure that these unwanted effects are reduced to a minimum, following instructions should be followed at all times:

  • The initial dose should never be large. Always start with a small amount of active component per tablet ingested. This will raise the blood levels of the drug slowly, giving the body due time to adapt and adjust to these changes.
  • Therapy should not last for more than ten weeks. Prolonged intake of pills will lead to abnormally high levels, for abnormally long durations, in the blood. As a result, the risk of developing complications and adverse effects on other body systems becomes incredibly high.
  • Dosing should not be more than one tablet (usually of 40 mg) per week. In severe cases, however, 80 mg per week or two small pills, 3 days apart, can be administered.
  • Skipping a dose doesn’t mean taking it with the next dose. If you miss a dose, forget about it and complete the treatment according to the doctor’s instructions. However, missing more than three doses in a row calls for immediate discontinuation of drug intake and formulation of a new dosing schedule.
  • Always give a complete previous medical history to the doctor, in order to ensure that all the drug allergies and chemicals in the blood are properly listed. This will eliminate additional hazards of developing anaphylaxis after swallowing the daily dose. It will also ensure that the efficacy of the steroid is not decreased or augmented, below or above the required levels. For example, warfarin and steroids compete for the same enzymes for catabolism, so that there is a sharp decline in the breakdown of warfarin and an increase in its blood levels; creating a strong risk of deadly hemorrhage.

If the above mentioned instructions are closely followed, and the patient sticks to the doctor’s prescription, the danger of imminent complications is significantly reduced. When on steroid therapy, keep in mind to eat lots of fruits and vegetables (they have anti-oxidant properties) to avoid free-radicle-generated tissue damage.

What are the indications for using Dianabol?

Being a direct derivative of testosterone, Dragon Pharma Dianabol has a good percentage of both anabolic and androgenic activities. It is in fact an ideal drug with that can be administered to a patient in need of either of the two components. Common conditions requiring prompt therapy by Dianabol include:

  • Muscle wasting or cachexia seen in the patients of chronic debilitating conditions like cancer, aids and tuberculosis. Dianabol not only increases the synthesis and storage of proteins in these cases but also eliminates anorexia to a certain degree, ensuring that the total daily caloric intake slowly increases to the levels required at that age/build.
  • In athletes who want to increase their professional performance. Tablets are taken usually during the training session so that the combination of anabolic and androgenic components is availed to the maximum. Anabolic component increases protein synthesis and retards protein breakdown, while androgens create an aggressive state of mind requiring a more vigorous work out plan to cool off the mental heat. As a result, muscles become bulky and strong and overall efficacy slowly increases to supreme levels.
  • It is administered in patients lacking natural testosterone so that normal sexual development and a healthy sexual life can be induced. Everything from the growth of penis to the normal act of erection and ejaculation is dependent of dihydrotestosterone (activated testosterone) and is seriously deranged in its absence. It should be noted that in congenital testosterone deficiency, early prescription of the drug is the key to eliminating the problem, because otherwise testes will undergo complete atrophy, development potential of the bone and genital cells will disappear and an irreparable, sexually immature, state will be produced.
  • Dianabol has been shown, in recent studies, to have some impact on the laryngeal cancerous cells. It increases the sensitivity of these entities to the curative radio and chemotherapies so that a reduction in tumor size is achieved more swiftly. This beneficial effect is limited to only clinical trials, for now, and needs a more thorough research before implication in the daily life.

What are the pre-requisites of Dianabol Prescription?

In order to prescribe Dianabol to the patients, it is mandatory that they have a healthy liver function with no history of previous jaundice. Being an oral drug, it is in an inactivated form that needs to be activated before it can produce the desired beneficial effects on the body. In order to be activated, Dianabol needs to pass through the liver and utilize its famous Cytochrome P450 Enzyme System. After being absorbed through the gut mucosa, it enters the hepatocytes via portal circulation and gets metabolized to functional moieties. If hepatocytes are damaged or defective, this activation will not be possible. In fact, in the absence of a healthy liver, toxic metabolites produced after breakdown of Dianabol are not de-toxified and get an ample amount of time to further augment the damage. A normal renal function is also important because of the tendency of Dianabol, with active substance Methandienone, to bring about water retention. In decreased renal efficacy, this will bring about a dangerous fluid overload. This fluid overload is tolerated to some extent in normal individuals but can produce a life-threatening state in individuals with congestive cardiac failure or hypertension.

Any signs of vomiting, yellowing of eyes or skin and anorexia indicate hepatotoxicity; discontinue the therapy immediately until you consult with the doctor. Itching all over the body and edema also requires prompt cessation of treatment.

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