Compound Exercises And Progressive Resistance Training

compound exercises

The whole essence of bodybuilding is for the bodybuilder to be able to apply proper form and technique when undertaking the weigh training exercises. This will help a person to stimulate the muscle to be able to grow. The two techniques which will help increase the tension in your muscles are compound exercises and progressive resistance training. The latter is where instead of lifting heavy weights from the beginning; you start with light weights as you progress towards lifting heavy weights.

Compound movements exercises on the other hand include techniques such as squats, press ups, chin ups and crunches. Compound movements training techniques are able to train more than one muscle group at the same time so you end up spending less time in the gym. Apart from using the right techniques you need to maintain proper form when training. When you use good form when training you are also able to prevent cheating. Cheating is where a person uses body movements to lift the weight instead of relying on the muscles to do the actual lifting. There are some rules you need to follow in order for you to train using proper form such as;

1. Ensure each work out induces a lot of tension

When training as a rule you are not supposed to release the tension when you are undertaking a particular set. You should therefore prevent the muscles from locking out so that you can be able to hold on to the tension. This is achieved through maintaining the tension all through a particular set and a very good example is when you are training using the bar bells. You can also maintain tension during a particular set by failing to pause at the top or bottom of a particular workout. These two approaches which will help you maintain the tension during the entire set. Your form is very important when it come to helping stimulate muscle growth than the amount of resistance you use during training.

2. You need to slow down the eccentric motions

When lifting weights the norm is to undertake the lifting motions with a cadence of 1-2 seconds. When lowering the weights the norm is to undertake the lowering motion with a cadence of 4-5 seconds. However when performing the eccentric phase or the lifting motion you need to take about 30 seconds so that you can be able to increase the stress induced on the muscles. This technique is called the super slow technique. The super slow technique can be adapted in various training techniques such as chin ups which will guarantee you fats muscle development. The eccentric phases are also referred to as the negative phase of a lift.

3. You need to slow down the concentric motion

When it comes to stimulating muscle growth slow motion concentric phase are more effective than slow motion eccentric phase. When you slow down the concentric motions your biceps especially will experience most of the tension leading to further growth and development. The concentric motions are also referred to as the positive movements.

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