The Anti-Catabolic Effects Of Glutamine


Q: I’m confused about Glutamine and the times to take it. What is the best time to take it? Right before bed, after training or first thing in the morning?

A: Some like the anti-catabolic effects of taking it at night or after workouts, but there is some new research out there that suggests that taking Glutamine is best in small doses, very frequently. The research suggests that 50% to 75% of large dose Glutamine never reaches the bloodstream, because that’s where Glutamine belongs in order to be effective. So, because most people take 3-10 gram doses, that can be a problem. Large doses actually trigger the liver to secrete enzymes that will rid the bloodstream of it – seen as a toxin – altogether.

Smaller loads, taken more frequently, have been shown to increase circulating Glutamine levels in the bloodstream by about 20% or so, without causing the liver to try to clean it out of the blood. This indicates that large doses in one shot, are a waste of money. Though, 10 grams of Glutamine in 5 doses throughout the day would be advised. Taking it with protein is ideal.

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