The Advantages Of Drinking Green Tea For A Bodybuilder

green tea

Green tea is consumed widely in most places of the world for its taste as well as antioxidant behaviors. Green tea contains a family of molecules called ECGC, or epigallocatechin gallate, which contains anti-oxidants about 100 times stronger than Vitamin C. It’s been shown in numerous studies to reduce levels of total cholesterol in the human body, and many of its health benefits may still be unknown. It’s a popular drink whose daily intake rivals water and coffee worldwide, and a good dietary option for most people.

Performance enhancement

For bodybuilders, it offers all of these benefits and more. Green tea’s ingredient EGCG actually increases exercise capacity by allowing for greater utilization of fatty acids which server as a source of energy during intense workouts. Additionally, green tea can also lead to weight loss. Green tea consumption results in a 24-hour window of increased respiratory ability, which leads to better oxidation performance of the body.

As a substitute

Bodybuilders typically need to consume about one gallon of water per day. This becomes tedious for some, who choose to add sweetener or Crystal Light to their water to make it more palatable. Using green tea instead of one of these choices helps the athlete avoid the unknowns that come with consuming a drink containing saccharin or NutraSweet. And any substance which encourages bodybuilder to intake more water (the largest ingredient in muscle) is always a very good thing.


Recommended dosage of green tea is 100 to 500 mg per day. Stacking it with caffeine can also be beneficial. Supplements often contain caffeine as well as EGCG for an added boost, so that should be taken in account for those individuals seeking caffeine (for a great workout boost), or avoiding it for health reasons or in an attempt to gain weight. After all, caffeine is a great aid for bodybuilder in staying lean, but does hinder weight gain.

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