Thursday, August 31, 2017

Abdominal Training That Won’t Expand Your Waistline

abdominal training
Bodybuilding is the art of the illusion. The biggest man doesn’t always win. Rather, the man who looks the biggest, while displaying superior conditioning and presentation, usually wins. Very often, the most complete middleweight wins amateur shows, while the lankier heavyweight has to settle on his class win.

One of the most important illusions that bodybuilders can present onstage is the V-taper. Simply put, the V-taper is the illusion that occurs when the waist is narrow and the shoulders are wide. The upper body resembles a letter “V”. An effective V-taper makes the physique look more athletic, and makes the chest and thighs appear larger as well. To achieve a v-taper, one must work to ensure the waistline stays small in the off-season yet appears muscular on the bodybuilding stage.

Most bodybuilders know how to train the upper abdominals. Crunches are king, and always have been (at least since the sit-up became extinct). An interesting strategy employed by many bodybuilders is to avoid off-season upper abdominal training, opting only to train abs in the 6 to 8 weeks before a show. This allows the midsection to remain trim all year round (without the well-developed sheet of muscle underneath protruding) and still leaves enough time for the bodybuilder to shape them before the contest nears.

This region is under-developed on many bodybuilders. Partially covered by the posing trunks, many bodybuilders simply neglect the region. This is a mistake, as most bodybuilding shows are won not upon strong areas, but by who has the least weak areas. Lower abdominals should be occasionally trained in the off-season. The goal isn’t to have them fully developed all year, rather, to have a base of development there for full-out pre-contest abdominal training. The lower abdominals don’t receive as much secondary stimulation as the upper abdominals receive.

Heavy compound movements like squats and deadlifts have an amazing effect of adding mass all over the body. While this is very advantageous for those looking to add muscle mass to the frame, it can be frustrating to those looking to keep the waistline measurements down. Weigh your goals. If you determine the mass is already there and that the waistline reduction is more important, cut out heavy compound movements for a bit and allow the obliques to shrink. Remember, when you achieve a low level of body fat, they will display quite well. Smaller obliques equal a greater V-taper.

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Compound Exercises And Progressive Resistance Training

The whole essence of bodybuilding is for the bodybuilder to be able to apply proper form and technique when undertaking the weigh training exercises. This will help a person to stimulate the muscle to be able to grow. The two techniques which will help increase the tension in your muscles are compound exercises and progressive resistance training. The latter is where instead of lifting heavy weights from the beginning; you start with light weights as you progress towards lifting heavy weights.

compound exercises

Compound movements exercises on the other hand include techniques such as squats, press ups, chin ups and crunches. Compound movements training techniques are able to train more than one muscle group at the same time so you end up spending less time in the gym. Apart from using the right techniques you need to maintain proper form when training. When you use good form when training you are also able to prevent cheating. Cheating is where a person uses body movements to lift the weight instead of relying on the muscles to do the actual lifting. There are some rules you need to follow in order for you to train using proper form such as;

1. Ensure each work out induces a lot of tension

When training as a rule you are not supposed to release the tension when you are undertaking a particular set. You should therefore prevent the muscles from locking out so that you can be able to hold on to the tension. This is achieved through maintaining the tension all through a particular set and a very good example is when you are training using the bar bells. You can also maintain tension during a particular set by failing to pause at the top or bottom of a particular workout. These two approaches which will help you maintain the tension during the entire set. Your form is very important when it come to helping stimulate muscle growth than the amount of resistance you use during training.

2. You need to slow down the eccentric motions

When lifting weights the norm is to undertake the lifting motions with a cadence of 1-2 seconds. When lowering the weights the norm is to undertake the lowering motion with a cadence of 4-5 seconds. However when performing the eccentric phase or the lifting motion you need to take about 30 seconds so that you can be able to increase the stress induced on the muscles. This technique is called the super slow technique. The super slow technique can be adapted in various training techniques such as chin ups which will guarantee you fats muscle development. The eccentric phases are also referred to as the negative phase of a lift.

3. You need to slow down the concentric motion

When it comes to stimulating muscle growth slow motion concentric phase are more effective than slow motion eccentric phase. When you slow down the concentric motions your biceps especially will experience most of the tension leading to further growth and development. The concentric motions are also referred to as the positive movements.

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

MMA Weight Training

Weight training can comprise a great many different strategies and concepts. Different people will lift weights with the intention of seeking different goals. Most people unknowingly will take part in a bodybuilding exercise program even though this is not the wisest option depending upon the reasons why one takes part in the weightlifting program. For example, a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) weight training program needs to be dramatically different from a bodybuilding one. But, what does a MMA weight training program entail? Let’s take a look…

mma weight training

First and foremost, a MMA fighter will need to stay within a particular weight class. That means he/she will not want to engage in a weightlifting regimen that will add to a massive increase in bulk. Yes, it is true that the excess cardio that a MMA fighter will perform will certainly aid in burning up the excess muscle mass, but the body will have limitations. That means you need to avoid bodybuilding muscle mass workouts when taking part in MMA weight training.

It is also best to avoid isolation exercises intended to develop symmetry in the muscles unless one is looking to rehab an injury. Isolation exercises for cosmetic purposes really have no place in a MMA workout. This is why they are best avoided. Instead, more effective strength training exercises are much preferable for MMA weight training sessions.

Strength training involves performing low repetition exercises with a high amount of weight. This will aid in developing a great deal of excellent muscle mass that is designed to handle strength related functions. Such muscle will certainly help boost one’s ability to use the developed strength is such a way that it can be employed effectively in the performance of a fight. That is why so many trainers promote such workouts to a great degree.

Plyometric MMA weight training exercises are certainly helpful as well. Such exercises are designed to promote strength and speed in motion. Utilizing these particular types of exercises are critical to get great boosts of energy when needed at a tough point in a match.

It is also a smart idea to intermix bodyweight training and kettle-bell workouts in the MMA weight training sessions that you select. These very specific exercises can deliver a tremendous benefit to those wishing to explore the enhancement of functional strength that such programs provide. Yes, in order for MMA weight training to be effective it needs to be quite comprehensive. Thankfully, there are scores of programs one could engage in when looking to develop solid muscle mass for MMA competitions.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Strength Training Weight Loss

The most common reason people join a gym is to lose weight. But many overlook the type of training that can achieve the fastest results. That type of training is strength training and is an integral part of a well-balanced fitness routine for weight loss.

strength training weight loss

In order to lose weight, you must simple burn more calories than you consume in order to create a deficit. The common misconception is that hours of cardio will result in weight loss. Maybe you will lose a little bit of weight this way, but it’s a waste of time to only do cardiovascular activity. Women especially are afraid of the weight room because they think they’ll get too big if they incorporate weights into their fitness routine. Another reason women shy away from the weights is because they just don’t know where to start. The truth is that a pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat. The more muscle you can build, the more efficient your body will be at burning calories. Thus, you’ll lose more weight.

The best way to lose weight is to combine strength training exercises with cardiovascular activity. The more calories burned will result in greater weight loss. Unlike cardio exercise which only burns calories while you’re performing the exercise, strength training builds muscle so when you’re at rest, calories are still being burned. Also, it’s important to not overlook the benefits of a healthy diet rich in protein. Eating right is essential for building muscle. If you do hours of training in the gym, but eat high calorie foods, you’ll never see results. Try to eat 5-6 small meals a day. Diet is half the battle in losing weight.

Now, you’re probably wondering how to start. Doing just body weight exercises is a great way to start a strength training routine. No extra weight is needed and you can slowly add weight as you become stronger. Some of the most popular strength training exercises for weight loss are squats, lunges, and push ups. These are all quite challenging without any extra weight and can be done in a small space and even at home.

Another reason to lift weights is because muscle also looks sexy. Because muscle is more compact than fat, those that strength train look leaner and more toned than those that only do cardio workouts. In addition to making you look good, strength training will increase your endurance, flexibility, and overall fitness level. Keep in mind that healthy weight loss consists of losing only 1 or 2 pounds a week. Those that want a quick fix will most likely end up putting the weight back on. Be patient with yourself and give your body time to adjust to a new routine.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Aerobics And Weight Training

aerobics and weight training

Body building is a sport that calls for different phases. There are times when you need to workout vigorously and other times when you have to phase out some workouts. There also comes a time when you must rest and take sometimes off the whole process all for the benefit of healthy body building. This article gives an insight as to all possible stages in body building off phasing out some exercises and the reason why this has to be done.

Stop the Aerobics in intervals

Aerobic exercise has an unfavorable effect on muscle mass building. Aerobics do interfere with the respective strength gains and with the process of recovery while burning up some valuable glycogen and the subsequent branched chain amino acids (BCAA) within the body. Adding mass and weight is the best way help in upgrading your resting rate of metabolism (RMR). The RMR is raised helping more of the body calories to be burned and making it easier to stay lean.

Ensure that you lift explosively

The amount of power a muscle produces is directly proportional to the quantity of the muscle growth that one is able to create. Force is termed as the mass, which is the weight used, multiplied by the body acceleration, which is the subsequent speed at which one pushes the weight against the existent resistance. To generate a lot of force, one should progressively increase the body poundage while he lifts explosively. This leads to the increase of speed during the other half of the rep during sets.

Power lift to increase strength

The muscles tend to respond to workouts in three main ways. When one trains using high reps, especially more than 10, there is always an increase in the respective endurance with no much visible improvement in the strength and size. The five to ten rep ranges, the range which is used be many bodybuilder, generally promotes the strength and size increase. Power lifters by and large stay with the low reps, from two to five per set, and this supplements strength with no or slight variances in the body size. However, if one sets aside a week’s training to help pile on the body weight using low reps the resultant improvement in strength makes him stronger when he returns to the usual six to twelve routine.

Whatever the case, the choice relies on the individual. It is through the help of a specialist that one manages to know on the way to go about it. The only thing that you must ensure that it is kept faithful, is the diet during all these phase out. Ensure that, you feed well during vigorous workouts and way long before you train to ensure enough energy. Avoid an over strain when power lifting to ensure that the muscles are not damaged and that injuries are a past experience. If you still want to lift more, keep jokes aside and know that warm ups are only meant to prepare the muscles and vigorous exercises should therefore follow them if toned muscles have a chance to build.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Weight Training Techniques

weight training techniques

Whether you are new to weight training or not, you can use advanced weight training techniques to build muscle mass. If you want to see great results, you need to make sure you train hard, eat adequate amounts of food and rest properly. You should create a workout program and stick to it for about 30 days. Muscles adapt to stress after some time, so it is crucial that you change your routine periodically. Read these weight training techniques if you want to boost your results.

Firstly, you can do super sets if you want to build new muscle mass. Super sets involve completing an exercise immediately after another exercise. No rest is taken in between exercises, besides the time it takes to get into position for the following exercise. For example, you can do antagonist super sets, which involves working opposing muscles like a leg extension followed by a leg curl. Also, you can do a pre-exhaust super set, which involves completing an isolated exercise after a compound exercise for the same muscle. For example, you can do a chest fly followed by a chest press. A giant set is another type of super set. Giant sets involve completing three or more exercises, with no rest in between.

Secondly, rest pause is another weight training technique. It involves completing as many reps as possible, taking a break for several seconds, then completing additional reps. Down the rack is a rest pause, stripping technique. It involves using dumbbells or barbells. The exerciser completes as many reps as possible, puts the weight down, grabs a lighter resistance, and completes as many reps as possible. The exerciser can repeat the process with a lighter weight after that.

Thirdly, super slow training is another weight training technique, which involves completing reps in a slow manner. This weight training technique builds muscular endurance, and it is useful for people that are susceptible to injury.

Next, another weight training technique included forced repetitions. Typically, forced repetitions are carried out with the help of a spotter or training partner. They are completed with heavy weights or near the end of a set, right after failure. Keep in mind that forced repetitions may lead to overtraining if used for a long period of time. Alternatively, you can increase the weight and amount of repetitions slowly. You will make excellent progress if you increase the difficulty of your workouts slowly. You need to give your muscles a chance to adapt to the new weight.

Adapt these weight training techniques into your workout program periodically, and you will gain new muscle mass. Change the order of your workout routines periodically, do new exercises from time to time, challenge your muscles with each workout, increase the repetitions and weight you lift when you can, and the hard work will pay off soon.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Training Principles For Amateur Bodybuilders

A bodybuilding amateur should be a devoted individual who has decided to explore the bodybuilding field with all the efforts and sacrifices involved in the same. But many amateurs get confused in the process and they end up hating the profession for no genuine reason. There are few principles that one should always stick to when working out any routine.

The first thing is to know what bodybuilding is into details. There is no need of venturing in a particular field without knowing what you are getting yourself into. This is why you need to dig deeper and peruse through the available information on bodybuilding. This entails knowing of the different available types of bodybuilding, knowing the mode in which they are performed, understanding all the concepts of each, knowing on how to set balances between routines and real life, among other issues. By getting an in-depth understanding of all these concepts one is able to get a guideline of how he can go about if in case he decides to start the profession.

The other step is to know the right bodybuilding for you. There are very many reasons why people venture into this field, some do it for fitness alone while others may want to go a step further of getting huge muscles for a competition. The ball remains in your court for you to make such a major decision. If it is for fitness purposes there are issues that you need to handle, some being loosing fats, keeping shape among others.

There are different approaches for these trainings with some calling for high intensity and others basing on low intensity routines. From the later, it will demand an extra step of using supplements and other forms of steroids and this is why you need and in-depth understanding. It might also involve the recruitment of a personal trainer who will give a guideline of how to go about the whole process.

From the time you decide on which way to go about it, starting the process becomes the other issue. Since your muscles are not settled completely and they have not adjusted to these drastic changes, it is important to ensure that, you do it as a gradual process. Do not lie to your self that, you will build muscles overnight like your role model. bodybuilding is a slow but sure adventure and therefore your first program must be as light as possible. Warm ups during these first stages should encompass most of your routine before you get used to explosive training. As you progress, there is a great need of monitoring your progress in order to realize the corrections required and issues to handle for later workouts.
As a bodybuilder, never forget to eat well. Eating should take the first priority when considering on setting your program of activities. The idea of a balanced diet should always be upheld in the sense that, you eventually give the body enough nutrients just like it requires. Assuming this issue is quit worrying because, you can never succeed without enough nutrients in your body. You may workout vigorously and even go to that extra mile, but without food you will be merely mark timing without any positive results.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Machine Flyes – The Forgotten Workhorse Of Chest Training

machine flyes

If you asked a hundred bodybuilders what their top five chest movements would be, the answers probably wouldn’t vary all that much. Sure, they would be in different order, but you can rest assured the top five would likely be sprinkled with incline and flat dumbbell and barbell presses, along with dips and cable crossovers. You can also rest assured that machine flyes probably wouldn’t even make the top ten list of most useful chest exercises. Machine Flyes are seldom mentioned because they aren’t all that exciting of an exercise. They don’t build mass, so they’re not particularly popular with young bodybuilders. Their poundage’s are meaningless, so they aren’t all that interesting to powerlifters. They are often seen as an exercise which is completed by beginners on their home bench set with the butterfly attachments, or one of the nautilus machines at the gym frequented by the elderly trainers while the real bodybuilders crowd the free weight area. Face it: machine flyes get no respect!

Despite their dismal reputation, machine flyes are actually a very effective movement for developing the inner or middle pectorals, an area which is weak on a great number of bodybuilders. If you were genetically cursed with any sort of gap between your pectorals, then machine flyes are an absolute requirement for you. In the pre-contest phase, machine flyes are also highly useful. They help to etch out definition in the entire pectoral region. Used with high repetitions and medium weight, they drag a lot of blood into the chest. They don’t build mass – and every bodybuilder should be well aware of this fact. You would be wasting your time to use machine flyes at the start of your routine. However, they do offer a nice pump, which is required if you want your chest to show definition.

The exercise will vary from gym to gym, depending upon the model and brand or generation they purchased. Some machines will allow the user to adjust settings, while others will be stationary. Work to find one that allows you the most possible flexibility and access to the muscle fibers you are working so hard to target. Always set the handle to allow you the greatest range of motion. This will recruit the maximum amount of muscle fibers and keep the pectorals engorged with as much blood as possible. Your reps should be completed in a slow and deliberate motion. You should move from 10 to 15 reps with each set.

If no machine flyes are available at your gym, you can emulate the movement – and possibly improve upon it – by using flat dumbbell flyes. The movement is essentially the same. The only difference is that the weights have a free range of motion. This increases the likelihood of injury, as machine flyes are a very safe movement and dumbbell flyes are not. However, this freedom of range also allows the dumbbell variety to arguably allow for more muscle fiber recruitment. Use both movements for maximum effectiveness in your training.

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Saturday, August 5, 2017

How Effective Is Circuit Training?

Q: I’m a big fan of circuit training ever since my last contest. I know it’s not for every day of every week throughout the year, but it’s great for burning glycogen and fat, fast because it’s so isolative! But tell me, what do you guys think about doing it throughout the entire year, every other week or so?

circuit training
A: Circuit training does burn the fat, and it does get the muscles harder – even if they look a little smaller than you’d like. But to compare circuit work with isolation work… Umm… we’re not sure that’s accurate. They are almost completely different animals altogether. Muscles respond well to circuit training because it’s such a departure from regular heavy training with fewer reps. On the other hand, muscles also need stimulation other than circuit work – more intensive work on individual muscle groups. So while it’s true that some people don’t do enough circuit training, and they take the heavy sets, few reps, long rests, one-body-part-a-day thing too far, you can also take circuit far too far as well.

But circuit is a really valuable tool and it’s something you should definitely use in cycles. We don’t recommend every other week, but maybe one week out of every month. So, do 3 heavy weeks and then do circuit weeks…

Mondays: Upper body.
Tuesdays: Lower body.
Wednesdays: off.
Thursdays: Upper body.
Friday: Lower body.
Saturday and Sunday off.

Each time you do circuit workouts, you should try to change them up, just like you do your other heavier traditional workouts. We believe a week or circuit keeps your body guessing and growing and getting harder each month out of the year. Try even changing your diet during that week to be a little lower carb, and more meals and water intake. You’ll probably find a groove that you can take into your next contest, fairly painlessly getting lean.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How To Determine If You Are Overtraining

Q: How can I tell if I’m overtraining?

A: Over training is perhaps the biggest stifler of bodybuilding potential. It is also very common, especially among novice trainers. These guys, full of energy and enthusiasm, do not understand, or simply refuse to accept, that more is not necessarily always better. Therefore, they place too much stress on the body and don’t give it enough time to recover. It is a condition that will lead to a frustrating dead-end in terms of training progress. The signs to look out for are chronic fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, proneness to injury and illness and the inability to achieve a pump. Lethargy, loss of strength and the making of excuses to avoid a work-out as well as general flu like symptoms may also be prevalent.

If you think that you are in an over trained state give yourself a two week gym break. Take the time to re-evaluate your training regimen. How long are your work outs lasting? Are you slogging away for two fours per session, performing necessarily low to medium intensity marathon sessions. How many sets per body part are you performing? How many times per week are you hitting each body part? Now, bodybuilding success comes from knowing our own bodies, experimenting and adapting. If you’re in over-trained state, it’s a sure bet that you’re going to have to adapt to progress. When you try something new, however (whether it’s a new supplement or a new work-out program) keep a training journal so that you can monitor just what works for you. With that in mind, give the following a six week trial;

(1) Cut back to working each body part just once per week.
(2) Spend no more than 20 minutes training major body parts (thighs, lats, pecs) and half that time on minor ones.
(3) Be totally focused on your training in the gym. Don’t get distracted with idle chatter or babe watching.
(4) After your work-out, forget about the gym until your next session.
(5) Structure your program so that you’re in the gym no more four days per week.

After six weeks you should see your energy levels and your muscular gains once more on the increase.

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