Are Ethyl Esters Better For Absorption?

Ethyl Esters

Q: I’m starting to see some BCAA products being made with EEs (ethyl esters). Is the delivery system of EEs so better for absorption that price hikes of double the normal rate of BCAA price is justified? Is CEE that much better for it?

A: This is a great question. You might think that that was the inference, but isn’t the supplement industry all about inference rather than evidence, for the most part? EE attached to BCAA products just make them dissolvable in oil. There is some legitimacy to the fact that that will ultimately stabilize BCAAs and creatine, but apart from that, it doesn’t make them supercharged as a result of the esterification. Do yourself a favor and buy a high quality BCAA of the standard variety. You’ll benefit as much.

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