Important Factors That Play A Role In Weight Training For Women

weight training for women

Women are always viewed as dormant party in the sport of weight lifting. This is a fallacious perception which should be rectified. How to correct this mistake is a matter that calls for a very keen approach to the general relationship between women and the sport. It is also worth noting some of the specific differences between women and the men. With these points in mind, I offer to face the issue.

Diet plays a crucial role in bodybuilding process and specifically weight lifting. Women are known for being so selective about what they eat. In most cases they prefer light meals and taking very little food. This is a setback in weight training since, when you cut back a lot on food intake, it deprives the female body of energy and the body usually becomes weak. It is a fact that the more muscle you have the more fat you burn. Therefore quick weight loss from dieting can cause a quick loss in muscle tissue. It is believed that this is not the best way to receive the best proportions. Since women have less muscle mass than men, extreme dieting is more damaging to the female physique than to males. A loss of two pounds or more in a week implies that you are losing mass as you are losing fat. With a consistent and informed weight training and moderate dieting you can receive the best results for an attractive body.

Bone structure also has a role to play in a women’s weight training. This is because of a woman’s ability to facilitate childbirth the female pelvic/hips are usually proportionately wider than the male’s yet a woman’s bones are the same distance apart as the males. Therefore there is a greater angle of stress on the knees and women are more prone to injury than their male counter part. You may still find a way of reducing this risk by starting off slowly, and slowly increasing weight and resistance.
Physiology is one element that makes weight training among women unique. Cardiovascular training for instance is known to be positive for both women and men and supply the same benefits to both gender. However we must accept that there is a big difference primarily due to hormonal influence. The dominant hormone in men is testosterone and in women estrogen is the dominant hormone. Testosterone is helpful in increased muscle mass, a factor that works to the advantage of men. Women secret small amount of testosterone and seldom experience drastic muscular development from training, yet it can create a lean and toned physique.

Body fat is a factor that cannot be overlooked. Naturally women have a high percentage of body fat than men and so it is obvious that the exercise can reduce body fat for both sexes. This is a point of similarity that should encourage women to involve actively in the exercise.

Menstruation is a process that is unique to women only. Some women who combine heavy weight training, dieting and stress sometimes go into a state of menorrhea or quit menstruation. This will definitely disrupt training process thus works as a set back against women. It is highly recommended that women must keep of from training during menstruation period.

Pregnancy is another unique point about women alone. For instance women who are physically fit are said to have no problems with pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy will produce better muscle tone, and cardiovascular response, and this will help when trying to loose your pregnancy weight. It is always a better move to be fit before getting pregnant and not just begin a high intensity workout once you become pregnant. Remember during pregnancy women should restrain from doing extreme exertion, and high impact exercise.