Cobus Van Der Merwe’s Most Muscular Arm Workout

cobus van der merwe

One of the main reasons why Cobus dominated the overall line-up at the 2014 Amateur Olympia Africa is his impressive, trademark most muscular pose. That degree of muscularity and vascularity is imposing on any stage, and draws the attention of the judges, when combined with the correct stage position and a powerful stage presence. To give you the inside scoop on how he creates South Africa’s most-muscular most muscular pose. Cobus shares his top posing and training tips with us in this exclusive interview.

How do you incorporate your arm workout into your weekly training routine?
I train biceps and triceps on the same day once a week. I used to split them up with bigger body parts like chest and back, but I find that I’m too tired to focus on technique when I get to the arm muscles and therefore tend to rush through the exercises.

What set and rep structure do you use?
I do four sets of between 8 and 12 reps, and also incorporate drop sets, super sets and rest pause sets.

What are the important aspects of arm development, particularly in bodybuilding poses like the most muscular?
With bicep training the contraction techniques and squeeze of the muscle is more important than lifting heavy weights. People always look at me with disbelieve when I train biceps as the weights I use versus my actual arm size just don’t make sense to them.

How can local bodybuilders harness the power of the most muscular pose to stand out on stage?
My most muscular pose is one of the best I have because I’ve been practicing this pose since the age of 14. The trick is to get the traps out first, then the biceps, and flex your fists slightly towards your midsection.

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