8 Training Tips For Bulging Biceps

bulging biceps

Are you looking for a set of spectacular guns? It’s not all that hard to develop good arms, but it can often be very difficult to develop great arms. Here are eight tips for growing your arms, effective for anyone from the beginner to advanced bodybuilder status!

Vary your rep ranges

Most bodybuilders tend to find a comfortable repetition range, and keep all of their workouts in this area. If they like lifting heavy, they’ll typically use 6 to 10 repetitions for everything. If they enjoy going lighter, then 10 to 15 reps will fit the bill. In order to stimulate all available muscle fibers, bodybuilders must train in both low and high repetition ranges.

Keep form perfect

There are many body parts, such as chest, back, or legs, when you can achieve some pretty good gains without using perfect form. When it comes to the biceps, however, you’re not going to be that lucky.

Eat more food

You can’t grow without eating. Gyms around America are chock full of people who look the same every year because they’re attempting to gain muscle while losing fat. Naturally, it cannot be done. Instead, divide your workout year into a series of weight gain/loss phases in which you add muscle, and then diet down to display it better.

Sleep more

Gaining muscle doesn’t happen in the gym – it happens while you rest. Getting your tail in the gym and training hard is important, but the sleep you receive that night (coupled with solid nutrition) is where the actual growth occurs.

Train with a partner

Not only is training with a buddy safer, it will also give you further motivation to lift harder and above all, show up in the gym at the first place. Find someone of similar body weight and goals. If they ever cancel, you should train alone.

Give your workout a boost

A new generation of NOS drinks and capsules is on the markets, loaded with caffeine and other ingredients designed to lead to increased blood flow to the muscles during a workout. While the effects are cortisol-based and only temporary, the increased pump may leave you training harder than ever, which will lead to permanent gains.

Use the dumbbells

Many bodybuilders believe that barbells are the absolute end-all and be-all of lifting weights. While they are very effective for building strength, their limited flexibility means you can’t always hit the muscle from every possible angle.

Machines allow for more angles, but they limit the taxing effect upon the muscle. Simply put, they often make things just a little too easy for the bodybuilder. The solution is to opt for dumbbells. They deliver a unique blend of available angles and outright heavy lifting which leads to biceps growth.


Give it time. Arnold’s great arms took a decade to build, even with his incredible genetics, work ethic and early chemical assistance. You can’t expect to build Arnold’s arms, but you can work hard and develop the best arms you were designed to have.

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