Training Each Body Part Six Times Per Month

training each body part

For many decades, a debate has raged between rivaling forces in bodybuilding training. Just like gun proponents argue 9mm vs. 45 caliber, or basketball players debate Nike vs. Reebok, a debate rages in bodybuilding with no clear answer in sight – until now.

Should a bodybuilder train each muscle group ONCE or TWICE per week? Well, it all depends. Sometimes the answer is one, sometimes the answer is two. Sometimes, it’s neither! Let’s learn more.

If you’re looking for a system which allows you to soak a muscle with sets, and really give yourself some serious time to recover before the next training session, then training each body part once per week is probably your best option. This program also allows for more rest, and less time in the gym.

Some people prefer to have two training sessions per muscle group each week. Maybe they enjoy spending the extra time in the gym. Or, the luster of being able to train hard, but not being dependent upon muscle fiber failure for new growth may appeal to them. Training each body part twice per week is a very forgiving method, which doesn’t require many sets be employed. Finally, if you seek a system which allows you to train with a lot of sets, and get back to the body part sooner than now, then training each body part 6 times per month might be right for you. Here is how such a sample routine would work.

Week One
Sunday – Chest, Triceps
Monday – Back, Biceps
Tuesday – Shoulders, Traps
Wednesday – Legs
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Chest, Triceps
Sunday – Back, Biceps

Week Two
Sunday – Shoulders, Traps
Monday – Legs
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Chest, Triceps
Thursday – Back, Biceps
Friday – Shoulders, Traps
Saturday – Legs
Sunday –

Week Three
Sunday – Rest
Monday – Chest, Triceps
Tuesday – Back, Biceps
Wednesday – Shoulders, Traps
Thursday – Legs
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Chest, Triceps

Week Four
Sunday – Back, Biceps
Monday – Shoulders, Traps
Tuesday – Legs
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Rest
Friday – Chest, Triceps
Saturday – Back, Biceps
Sunday – Shoulders, Traps

As you can see, this workout is advantageous in several ways. First, it allows you to train without enough sets to really tear up those muscle fibers. At the same time, this system doesn’t make you sit and wait a full 7 days after training until you can hit that muscle group again. Very often, the muscle group is fully recovered in 4 to 5 days, and you lose progress waiting another 2 days to hit that body part again.

This training system allows you the freedom to decide if, after training for four straight days, you’d prefer one rest day, or two. You also have the ability to insert a rest day any time you wish. If it ends up breaking up the week, it’s no problem. You can always train chest and triceps immediately following your leg day with zero problem. If you can’t decide on 1 or 2 training days per week, give this system a shot!

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