Here Are 10 Awesome Training Tips For Building Muscle Mass And Power

muscle mass and power

Mass and power are a priority for any bodybuilder. Whether you are looking to compete, or just trying to bulk up, these 10 tips will help you in building large and powerful muscle mass.

1. Protein Consumption

Proteins are the building blocks of muscles, so any training routine aiming to build powerful muscle mass must include an adequate amount of protein. If you are using protein supplements, make sure that they include all or most of the essential amino acids. If possible, always choose whey over soy when selecting protein powders. Also keep in mind that some of the most superior proteins come from eggs and dairy products. For general health reasons, it is best to stick to lean meats as you will be consuming so much when trying to put on large amounts of muscle mass.

2. Vary Your Routine

Always try to mix it up in any training routine. Continuing the same workouts over and over again will deliver less results each time. Try to drastically change your workout routine at least once a month to keep your body building muscle most efficiently.

3. Work Most on Your Troubled Areas

This goes hand-in-hand with varying your routine. If bench is your strongest exercise, and you bench every other workout, you will have very small gains. Try to emphasize the muscle groups you struggle with the most. Here you will see substantial gains in the small amounts of time, and working on these areas can help prevent injury.

4. Push Yourself

Building large and powerful muscle mass means you need to constantly push yourself to your limits. Try increasing weights every time you workout. Emphasize low-repetition and high-intensity exercises, but don’t forget to concentrate on proper technique to help prevent injury. You can’t build any muscle if you’re bed-ridden from improper technique.

5. Consume Enough Sodium

While many bodybuilders are terrified of eating sodium because of water retention, it is an essential mineral that helps us break down nutrients and build muscle. Make sure you are consuming a sufficient amount of sodium, but don’t overdo it, excess water retention can defeat the purpose of muscle building in the first place.

6. Rest

While working out four or five days a week is essential for packing on muscle, it is the resting periods where muscle is actually built. Be sure you are getting at least two days of rest per week. Without proper rest, we can actually damage and inhibit muscle growth.

7. Drink Water

Water is one of the most essential nutrients or body needs. Water helps absorb nutrients and flush toxins out of the body.

8. Try Creatine

While there are many different opinions about creatine supplements, they have been proven time and time again to help speed up recovery and build muscle mass. Consider trying creatine supplements and see how your body reacts to them.

9. Take Vitamins

Find a high quality multi-vitamin and take it religiously. Having all the proper nutrients in your body will ensure you are absorbing everything you need from your diet, and that your body is functioning properly overall.

10. Get to Work

Quit reading this article and get to the gym! The most important thing you can do to build muscle is work at it, so get to it!

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