Taking Phosphatidylserine During PCT To Lower Cortisol

taking phosphatidylserine during pct to lower cortisol

Q: Has anyone used phosphatidylserine during PCT? I believe a couple studies confirmed it lowers abnormally high cortisol levels. I was just wondering if anyone has used this during PCT with success. If you have, have you compared it to your regular PCT protocal?

A: I have some experience with it. I personally used it twice in the past. During those times, it did work and was an excellent choice. It’s great for taking during times when your hormones have gone askew and you’ve eaten too much and you are no longer on a cycle and have taken on water weight and fat like crazy. It does lower out of bounds cortisol levels. Many people have had experience using Cytodyne’s original product called “cytodyne” it is supposed to be the best over the counter anti-catabolic supplement available, and it has Phosphatidyliserine in it, but you can also buy 100mg softgels of Phosphtidylserine in it. You dose them three per day. It’s also great for short term memory problems, learning disabilities and verbal accuity. To get the cortisol blocking effects of Phosphatidylserine you have to get up to around 800 to 1000mgs daily.