A Look At Non-Conventional Leg Training

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Tired of the same old leg routines? Do you use the same exercises, every time, and it’s starting to get old? Looking for some ways to energize your leg training? Throw your normal routine out the window, and try one of these routines the next time leg day rolls around!

Maximum reps – on everything!
After a very complete and thorough warm-up, devote every set of the day to single repetition maximum lifts – or the infamous 1RM. Begin with squats. Follow it up with leg presses and hack squats. See how much weight you can move on a maximum lying leg curl for hamstrings, and for standing barbell smith machine calf raises. This kind of training cannot be used for every workout, but it can provide some very good gains in strength and bulk when used once very two months. Always use a training partner on these days, for both spotting and motivational purposes.

No machines allowed
Enter the free weight section and don’t leave until those legs are torched. Avoid the standard machines that allow you to rely upon leverage and leaning to move the weight. Stick to exercises such as squats, lunges, box squats, stiff=leg deadlifts for hamstrings, and barbell or dumbbell calf raises. Alternatively, when your tired and sore joints need a break, you can always try a day where you use only machines. Routines like these keep things interesting, and keep your body guessing.

Group training
Get together with your gym buddies and plan a group leg day once a month. Get 3 to 5 friends together, and train legs together. Go through the normal routine together; using the time it takes others to complete the repetitions as your rest time. You’ll certainly be able to lift more weight than usual. With the eyes of your peers upon you, there is no doubt you will give 100% on every set. Additionally, spotting on movements like squats and leg press will be easy with a few extra pairs of hands around for support. Finally, there is no way possible that you’ll ever skip leg day if you know 3 or 4 of your training partners are counting on you!

Sprint first
Perform 8 to 15 full-out, 40 yard sprints before training legs. This isn’t a technique that works for everyone. Some people find it just takes too much out of them and leaves them exhausted when they climb under the squat rack following running. However, for some people who have problems properly stimulating their quadriceps to grow, sprinting is the answer. It requires massive amounts of blood to move the quads at that speed, and the glutes, hamstrings, and calves are stimulated as well. It’s a ‘pre-exhaust’ method that will leave the legs trained before you begin the real workout, in the weight room. It’s even better if you and your training partner complete these sprints together. You’ll challenges each other to run harder and faster, and your presence will ensure neither of you skip the gym and head home after the sprinting.

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