Understanding Your Training Frequencies and Durations To Achieve Optimal Results

workout durationFor the bodybuilder, the frequencies and durations of training are subjects that need to be addressed effectively so that the envisaged results will be optimized. The bodybuilder also has to address various other issues including the considerations that should be weighed before selecting an appropriate training pattern and rhythm. One should know the amount of time that should be dedicated to training say in a week.

From experience and the experience of other bodybuilders in the fraternity, the frequency that is required in the training process should be pegged on actual days and not on the week calendar days as we know them. In the bodybuilding training pattern there is absolutely no need to count the days in terms of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday etc. The bodybuilder should ensure that on each day that he trains he/she will work on a single group of muscle or two if need be.

One of the best ways to plan on your training pattern as a bodybuilder would be to think of the days in the form of numbers such that you will have day 1, day 2 etc. When such a pattern is followed then it becomes much easier to factor in for the days when the routine has been interrupted through one reason or another. This manner of planning for training of curse does not mean that all other activities must be suspended; here we are detailing what an ideal scenario would be.

Another consideration that the bodybuilder must have in mind is the fact that not all the body muscles are developed at the same rate. There are muscle groups that possess a slow twitch while there are others that need the fast twitch. This is in terms of the training stimulus. Without a doubt you will realize that the larger muscle groups like those in the glutes or in the quadriceps will require longer rejuvenating while the smaller muscle groups like the biceps and calves will require shorter to get fully recovered.

One question that arises as a result of the planning strategy is whether the amount of rest will suffice if it is equally allocated. The answer to this is a definite NO and the reason for this is given in the previous paragraph where we have seen that the different muscle groups will need varying rest times. As such, when the bodybuilder is planning his training schedule he/she should factor in these resting times and some of the factors that will help in determining this will be the training intensity that is required and also the individual physiological activity.

The planning of the training sessions as has been mentioned above will mainly require an individual assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses. That said and done we need to note that it is also very advisable to get the recommendation of a training partner. This is because such a person is constantly there when you are training and will thus be able to note out some aspects that you may tend to ignore personally but which could get things pretty awry especially in terms of injury.

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