Circuit Training Bodybuilding Program

circuit training bodybuilding

Most body builders who have not tried to adopt a circuit training technique in their program live in ignorance of what is the use for a circuit training routine. It is important that you understand the aim and thus the benefits that accrue from a
circuit training workout routine.

In the basic, circuit training workouts are specifically designed to evenly strengthen all the major muscles and muscle groups in the body builder’s physique using specialized isolation exercises and a dose of compound exercises. The body must be built from the perspective of individual muscles and their supporting attachments, ligaments and tendons. Such an isolationist perspective helps determine how often and to what level of intensity, we stimulate muscle growth in the distinct body parts within a weekly training routine.

This does not however dismiss the importance and need of compound exercises in the training regimen, since it is through the compound movements that we harmonize the growth of distinct muscle and muscle groups. Compound movements are particularly important in building a solid strength base from which you can then progress to isolation exercises. The beginning point is always in compound movements, which stimulates growth in as many muscles as possible. In fact, there are those muscle groups in the body that can not be trained in complete isolation, since every form of exercising you use will unconsciously recruit supporting muscles.

After the preliminary training that solidifies body strength, especially in beginner and intermediate training levels, it is then important that the body builder plan the next move upwards in pursuit of greater muscle mass, strength and definition. This next phase is the one that requires him or her to split the workout sessions into isolation training where a particular muscle or muscle group is trained during a particular session, for so many times within the training week. By so doing, the body builder ensures that he or she imposes a far greater stress, ore rather workload, on the specific muscle group, than would have been possible using compound exercises. Inn essence therefore, circuit training it is all about achieving progress and intensifying intensity.

It is circuit training workouts that will ultimately perfect and amplify your overall body strength, muscular endurance, balanced physique development and the cardiovascular fitness to boot. Your circuit training ought to be designed in such a way as familiarize your muscles to the isolation exercises and the weight training equipment first before you move on to building intensity. Try alternating the muscle groups during the week, allocating a specific workout session for at least two different muscles or muscle groups. You must also ensure that the week’s training involved all the major body parts you have so as to balance gains.

Circuit training enables you to leave the trained body part out of the workout during the consecutive days, as you train the other body part and as it recovers from its training session. Actually, this is the principle used by hardcore trainers who hit the gym every day and still achieve crazy intensity levels without overtraining.

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