10 Cardio Training Tips To Get You Pumped

cardio tips to get pumped

If you’re looking to improve your physique and you have an interest in bodybuilding, you should understand from the outset that cardio training is essential for you to meet your bodybuilding goals. In addition to resistance training, you should be heavily engaged in many different cardiovascular strengthening exercises to keep the body fat off and help you maintain that sleek, ripped look. Here are ten of the best proven tips.

1. Perform Cardio Every Day

For the best cardiovascular fitness possible, you simply must train every day. You don’t have to kill yourself each day, but you definitely need to put in your very best daily effort to get great results.

2. Choose One Favorite Cardio Workout

When you’re starting, it’s wise to select one cardio workout you like so you’re guaranteed to stick with it. This can be running, swimming, rowing, playing beach volleyball, or climbing stairs.

3. Cross Train

In order to confuse your muscles to obtain the best muscle sculpting and strength possible, you need to add a wide variety of aerobic workouts to your weekly routine. You can even incorporate two or three different exercises into your workout on the same day for the best cross training results.

4. Low Impact Days

If you choose jumping rope as one of your activities or even hard running, you’re eventually going to get injured if you do it six or seven days a week. You need light, low impact days. Perform some cardio routines that include stair stepping and stationary bicycling or rowing. You’ll still burn a ton of calories.

5. Training Indoors

To mix it up, you should perform some of your cardio indoors at the gym or in a workout room at your home. Indoor training allows you more flexibility and versatility for the days when it’s pouring rain or snowing or just when the summer heat and sun’s much too hot.

6. Training Outdoors

Outdoor cardio activities are equally essential because you want your body to derive the benefits of the sunshine and the necessary vitamin D it produces in your system. Also, you don’t want to always breathe in stale air from the gym.

7. Working Out Alone or with Friends

Sometimes you’ll feel more motivated to work out with friends and other days you’ll only want to do cardio activities alone. Switch it around so you don’t get bored.

8. Watch Your Diet

Eat lean. Lean doesn’t mean being thin. But the leaner you are, the more cardio you’ll be able to do without tiring out your heart and lungs. Avoid fatty, sugary, and junk foods at all costs in training.

9. Superhydration

The more water you consume, the more body fat you’ll excrete via sweat and urination. So you’ll be not only more ripped for competitions, but you’ll also have much more energy to push your cardio workouts to the highest limits.

10. Get More Ripped Before Competitions

Two weeks before a major bodybuilding competition, you need to step up your cardio workouts to nearly twice the amount. It’s the only way to get your muscles tightly sculpted and truly lean and mean looking when you’re posing on stage.

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