Friday, January 29, 2016

The Keys To Successful Bodybuilding And Fitness Training

fitness training

Fitness has been known to lead to a healthier lifestyle. Many people long to be fit and have a body whose muscles testify to it. The catch is consistency. Normally at the onset of your resolution to keep fit, one has a lot of willpower and will tend to go the extra mile. But after a few days without seeing the drastic change on the weighing scale, many tend to give up or opt for unhealthy substitutes like pills, diets and steroids.

Physical exercise is a discipline that takes patience and dedication to cultivate. The end result is always, I repeat always worth the while. Exercising regularly in addition to giving you a better looking body, it gives a better working heart. There are four components of a good program for working out. Namely, cardio respiratory endurance, flexibility, muscular endurance and muscle strength.

Cardio respiratory endurance is in simple terms the ability to deliver sufficient amounts of oxygen as well as crucial nutrients to the rest of the body and to excrete wastes that result from the body’s metabolic processes. Activities that ensure the optimal performance of these processes are running and swimming.

Flexibility relates to how swiftly one can move their body joints and at the same time coordinate muscular movements. This can be increased by various types of stretches as well as other activities that require coordination and movement of joints.

Muscular endurance relates to the degree of which the muscles of the body can sustain contractions that are repeated or ability to continue applying equal amounts of force in a given direction against an object that’s fixed. Pushups are used to evaluate ones muscular endurance.

Muscular strength is the ability of ones muscles to apply force for a short duration. Weight lifting exercising is used to evaluate muscular strength. An effective exercise program should contain these four components in the required amounts. Many people associate fitness with the gym which brings to mind bills and more bills. While going to the gym and getting an experienced trainer is advised, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good looking healthy body if you don’t go to the gym.

You can exercise right at home or even in your office. For example, you don’t need a treadmill to run a mile; you could always opt for the traditional lap around the neighborhood. There is also a wide variety of home gym equipment available in the market.

One must do continuous exercise for at least 20 minutes. With time this discipline will be a part of your DNA and depending on the kind of results you want, you can gradually increase your workout sessions.

Some simple exercises that can be done without an instructor are: superman stretches for the lower back, pull downs and chins are also good for the sides of the back. Curls are used for building biceps, tricep pushdowns for building triceps, and wrist curls for building the forearms.

Bench presses are very effective for building the chest. The fly is another good exercise.

Shoulder presses are a known exercise for the shoulders as well as shoulder shrugs.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How To Overcome A Plateau In Your Bodybuilding Training

overcome training plateu
Bodybuilding just like any other sports also has its challenges. And this is probably the reason why it is interesting. If there were no challenges I doubt if anyone would be interested in bodybuilding as a sport. One of the greatest challenges for a bodybuilder is overcoming a plateau. Almost every bodybuilder has experienced this challenge in there bodybuilding careers. For novice bodybuilders who have been unable to overcome there plateau then this article will help them achieve this.

When a person hits a bodybuilding plateau, it is a very disturbing period and if you are not careful you could end up using steroids as a way out. I can not fail to stress how wrong this approach is due to all the potential side effects you could experience when using steroids. There thing you need to observe so that you can be able to overcome a bodybuilding plateau is to be much disciplined.

Discipline is the key to success in almost all aspects of life, bodybuilding included. The moment you decide to take bodybuilding as a sport there should be no going back. You need to be much disciplined in terms of the nutrition you take and also you need to be disciplined in your training. A lot of people fail to maintain consistency in there training and that is why they end up failing by not overcoming the bodybuilding plateau.

Normally a bodybuilding plateau will arise when the muscles become complacent. This is due to the fact that the muscles are not experiencing any new challenge which will call for the formation of bigger and stronger muscles. Normally muscle growth occurs as a natural adaptive response of the body so that it can be able to handle a lot of demanding activities. The major factor which gives rise to plateaus is when you become lazy in your bodybuilding regimen and you are not willing to increase the work load. The muscles are demanding a greater challenge which your current bodybuilding regimen is not providing. For your bodybuilding regimen to be effective you need to switch it from time to time lets say after every 2-3 months. When you do this your muscles will be able to receive the right amount of challenge needed for it to grow.

The other reason why you could be experiencing a plateau is because you are not taking sufficient nutrients in your diet. Your nutrition should not remain stagnated and therefore you need to increase it from time to time. This is because as you continue to increase the work load in your muscles, the muscles also require a corresponding increase in nutrients to be able to handle the challenge. The body growth process is continuous and therefore do not neglect your diet intake. If the body is receiving the same amount of nutrients in the diet it can not be able to sustain new growth and therefore it ends up stagnating.

In summary there are only two ways a bodybuilder can fight a plateau. These are; changing the training regimen from time to time and also increasing your diet intake from time to time.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

When Leg Days Do More Damage Than Development

Q:  Every time I finish a heavy leg day, I get weird pressure inside my ‘nads and my sphincter feels like it’s going to drop out in the middle of a set. The last part is really painful at times too.  It’s really worrying me.  The discomfort isn’t exactly mild, and after I’m done training, I don’t feel like doing anything but going home.

I’m almost too embarrassed to go to see my doctor about it. I’d rather ask you first.

Any ideas?

leg day
A: So, let me get this straight… You’d rather ask the question in front of several thousand readers, instead of inside an office with one other guy? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

You do have to wonder about the logic you’re employing.

But I actually do know what you’re saying about a doctor-patient relationship.

Sometimes the one on one is the hardest kind of consult.

I can try to answer your questions as best I can with the information you gave me, but do remember that I’m not a doctor, only an expert on training, supplementation and anabolic steroids.

I still recommend that you go see a physician, even if it’s one you don’t know and will never see again.

You owe it to yourself to find out what’s really going on. I imagine that the pain you’re feeling in your sphincter is an indication of a bad case of hemorrhoids.

This happens from straining.

If you’re prone to them already, or have developed a mild case in the past, you’re likely doing more damage on leg days by not controlling the muscles better in that area.

Straining with maximum pounds in one workout or one or two reps just isn’t smart for most people.  I routinely used to pop blood vessels in and around my eye sockets during leg days.

It became such a problem that I had to stop lifting so heavy because it was starting to affect my vision.

I still lift heavy, but don’t strain with weight anymore.

Sometimes hemorrhoids can be so bad that you have to get them surgically fixed, so you need to have someone check you out—seriously! As far as your gonads go, I’d have to say that that has something to do with your AS cycle because everything is in such close proximity, you probably are experiencing prostate issues.

This can be serious, but is probably short-lived.

I’d still get that checked out though.

In fact, it’s more of a priority than the other.

If you’re feeling pressure in that area, feeling electric type twinges, having problems with urine flow or feel as though your bladder capacity has been affected, then you probably need to get it checked out. Tell your doctor exactly what you’ve been taking, too. They get paid not to be judgmental, so no worries.

Just go get it checked out and start doing 70% of your max with higher reps for the time being.

Start wearing half tights underneath your sweats or shorts, too, so that you can give that entire area support during lifts.

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Monday, January 18, 2016

When To Use A Wide Stance On Squats

Q:  I was recently turned on to power lifting as a means to add more size - meaning that I am doing traditional movements in a routine that is just the major heavy lifts and getting a lot of gains.

I was reading about the Westside Barbell clan to get a good understanding of their methods and they were talking about wide stance.

They said that wide squat stance was superior for adding mass and development to the legs.

Why is that?

A: Well, Westside advocates wide squat because it uses more hip, glute and hamstring muscles, so from that standpoint, it not only allows you to get a better base of support and strength, it also builds those areas up along with the quads.

Wide stance, we have found, does provide better results.

Ball State University studied this formally, actually.

They tested squat stance via electrical output of muscles while both stances were executed, and found that both versions of stance provided the same intensity of contraction.

However, a wide stance allows you to handle more weight because it’s more stable, so results are often better.

It’s a smaller range of motion too, so that’s why you can do more weight.

Ultimately, the smaller the range and the more stable the range, the more weight and the better results.

Again, it also involves more muscle groups so it’s better from a total development standpoint.
Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Whey! … The Best Protein For Bodybuilder’s?

lean muscle mass
Bodybuilding is all about gaining lean muscle mass and having minimal body fat. It pertains following a vigorous weight lifting routine combined with appropriate diet and properly planned recovery time.

Supplements are also a major aspect of bodybuilding.

Supplements provide nutrients the body’s needs and cannot be obtained from diet alone.

Whey is a popular protein supplement normally consumed by bodybuilders.

Whey is a very good protein choice for all stages of bodybuilding starting from armatures to professionals.

It has numerous health advantages for the body.

A form of whey known as Whey Isolate is the purest compared with all others.

It has the highest possible content of the essential Amino Acids than any other proteins ever researched.

The body does not any Amino acids of its own hence it has to derive these from food products rich in protein.

Amino acids are the cornerstones for the development of healthy muscles tissue, nails, the skin and numerous other tissues.

That said, Whey Protein is the recommended protein source for bodybuilders seeking to add lean muscle mass and have a physique worth dying for. However bodybuilders also know the RDA of protein intake is not enough for them.

Hence they consume 2 times the recommended daily allowance.

Also whey is classified as a High quality protein.

This means that whey is very helpful in facilitating the recovery process and plays an important role in fat lipolysis.

Whey is a natural supplement that can be added to the everyday diet to increase better body composition and boost energy levels for better performance.

Whey is also the best known source of the Branched Chain amino acids (BCAAs). Their role is to increase the output and intensity of bodybuilding workouts as they are metabolized and directed straight to the muscle tissue.

Hence they re helpful during intense exercise sessions in that they replenish the exploited protein assets of the body.

The recovery process is boosted by the BCAA’s enhancing the rate of rebuilding worn out muscle tissue.
Why protein also has Leucine which is an essential amino acid that is used to enhance the protein synthesis process and also quickens the muscle growth rate.

Thus increase Leucine content means more lean muscle mass and better shedding of the excess body fat. It is easily digest and thus absorbed fast and efficiently into the body hence it is referred to as ‘fast protein’ for its characteristic fast nourishment of the body.

Whey Protein Benefits:
  • It is maintains good body weight and while significantly reducing diabetes, heart diseases and cancers risk chances.
  • It maintains stable blood sugar levels by regulating the synthesis of glucose and the subsequent absorption to the blood stream.  Maintaining low insulin levels help avert hunger pangs while facilitating fat lipolysis.
  • The hydrolyzed form of whey goes a long way in fighting hypertension and reducing the risk of heart diseases.
  • It caters for the reduced cholesterol levels in bodybuilders.
  • It is recommended for cancer patients in between their chemotherapy sessions.
  • It strengthens the immune system by facilitating better glutathione levels.
Sunday, January 10, 2016

Ways To Lose Fat And Gain Muscle Mass

lose fat gain muscle mass
When attempting to lose your body fat and gain muscle there are key things to remember.

Burning fat consists of some very essential elements.

Most people don’t realize the importance of a simple meal.

When the body does not receive the nutrients it needs regularly it stores what it gets for later.

This is a natural reaction, like self preservation.

Breaking up your meals into smaller portions allows the body to use what it takes in. Eating breakfast is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

Exercise in the early hours gives the metabolism a kick start in the right direction; by eating afterwards it gives your body the energy it needs to burn the non essential fat. Exercising early in the morning helps relieve stress throughout the day, as well as gives the body the energy it needs to get moving.

Just thirty minutes 2-3 times a day can increase your metabolism tremendously.

Cutting out certain types of foods reduce your fat intake which will make the body burn the fat that already is there.

Whenever exercising it is important to keep a regular schedule this will get the body moving faster.

By staying away from natural sugar or fructose will help in the burning fat process.

When you burn fat your body releases the toxins that were locked in your cells causing some ill feelings, or side effects.

Gaining muscle mass is achieved by the diet you use. Gaining weight in a good way or by fat is determined by how and when you eat. Eating healthy in the morning is important to your cause.

Keeping a log of your intake for at least two weeks before you start is pertinent to your success.

Averaging your intake over those weeks will help you determine a daily calorie amount.

By adding 300- 500 calories to your diet slowly will help you see if your plan is taking effect; continue adding until a gain is started.

Plan lean muscle gain and control the amount of calorie intake.

Bringing in more calories then you burn is important in gaining mass.

The proper balance of the diet is important also in achieving the gain.

Protein levels should be 20-50% of the diet, Carbohydrates should be 30-60% of the diet balance, and fat intake should be 20-30% of your daily balance diet.

However just as important as the food is the fluid.

Water is essential to all of us and represents 90% of our body make up. Burning calories uses a lot of this necessary mineral, so replacing it is equally important.

Drinking 8oz for 10-15 lbs or bodyweight a day is vital to the body’s healthy functioning.
There are several lean protein choices to help aid in the loss of fat but not loss of Body Muscle.

Chicken and tuna are good for this because they are both lean meats and low in fat. Pre and post workout nutrition is also important make sure you keep busy to elevate the metabolism throughout the day.

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Thursday, January 7, 2016

6-Week Hardgainer Bodybuilding Workout Training Video

Do you need a program to gain muscle mass fast? Here is a weight training routine [video], for massive muscle growth.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Francis Benfatto

Fans of bodybuilding usually fall into two camps: those who love a lot the muscle mass, and those who are more attracted by the aesthetics. Of course some bodybuilders combine both of these attributes, but more often an athlete is dominated by one of them.

When we talk about monsters masses - come to mind Dennis James and Markus Rühl. On the other hand there are the champions of the past Lee Labrada and Frank Zane. They both were perfect, well-balanced figures. Another athlete who definitely belongs to this group is Mr. France in 1982, IFBB Pro - Francis Benfatto.
francis benfatto

Francis Benfatto Facts

Date of birth: 7/15/1958
Place of birth: Casablanca, Morocco
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
Height: 168cm
Biceps: 52cm
Bust: 130cm
Waist: 75cm
Girth of hip: 70cm
Shin: 47cm

In 2006, after 13 years out of the scene, Francis Benfatto at the age of 48 spoke again - this time at the Australian Grand Prix, and was thus in the form of better than ever. Very similar shape Benfatto demonstrated at Olympia, 1990 (finished 6th) when he signed with Joe Weider an year contract and said that 1991 will be his year.

francis benfatto nutrition

Although Benfatto not won in 1991, he still took the 7th place which deserve respect, despite the fact that the judging criteria have shifted in favor of the masses, rather than aesthetics and form. The sad fact for Francis, given that in terms of aesthetics, he was there as the best. As a result, in 1992, knowing that he was again underestimate, Francis Benfatto completely lost interest in the sport that has given him so much. As he says, his performance in that year of Olympia was his worst outing (he became the 15th). Benfatto made his appearance on this show only because he was obliged to do under the contract with Weider. Himself Benfatto sees the irony in the fact that in the year following Coleman took him 16th place.

In 1993 Benfatto participated in the Arnold Classic and the Grand Prix of France and Germany, but at that moment his disappointment in bodybuilding was evident, and in the same year he retired from the sport.

francis benfatto bodybuilding

Benfatto had incredible genetics. Started bodybuilding in 1974, and in 1982 won the Mr. France in his weight category with a body weight 67 kg, a figure that looked at least 20 kg heavier. Francis remembers it:

"I won because I had a good shape and symmetry. I soon learned the lesson - if you summed up better than anyone, anyone you can not do. I realized that quality is more important than quantity. Better to be well developed than huge. "

After this victory was the victory. In 1985 he became the first in the Mr. Universe middleweight champion, and in 1987 - the second in the Mr. World in the same category. Then he turned pro, entered the top ten on his pro debut - French Grand Prix 1988. At its first Olympia in 1989 Benfatto weighed 80kg.

francis benfatto bodybuilder
When in 1993 ended the first period of his professional career, Francis Benfatto continued to practice and experiment with himself and others, using different training techniques. As a coach, he has helped thousands of people achieve their potential.

francis benfatto body

For his return in 2006 Francis was preparing for 7 months, this time was divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1: A set of lean muscle mass. The duration of 20 weeks. Body weight increased from 87 to 99 kg.

Phase 2: Work on forms and definitions. The duration of about 9 weeks. Body weight dropped from 99 to 90 kg. Caloric intake was significantly reduced (up to 2000 kcal), primarily at the expense of carbohydrates. I perform a thorough control in order to burn fat, but it did not suffer muscle mass.

Phase 3: Depletion of glycogen and download. The duration of the depletion period of 10 days. Calorie content has been reduced to 1000 kcal. Weight dropped to 86 kg. There has been a drastic reduction in the amount of carbohydrates to maximize the depletion of glycogen. This was followed by loading 3 days, during which the weight rose to 90 kg. At the scene I came weighing 91 kg.

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Replenish Glutamine In The Body

During the very intense workouts such as which the professional bodybuilders put their bodies through it has been proven that lots of glutamine is lost as a result. It is quite important that all efforts are made in replenishing the lost amounts of this critical amino acid because of the vital role that it plays in as far as bodybuilding is concerned. The amount of glutamine lost is increasingly high in the event that the body gets subjected to overtraining.

glutamine bodybuilding

It was previously thought that it was futile to replenish the bodily glutamine through oral supplements since the research scientists thought that digestion of this important substance in the stomach would serve to convert it into the glutamate form. More research has been done on this issue and the researchers have produced enough evidence to suggest that glutamine is not converted into its glutamate. This is very welcome news for the bodybuilding fraternity seeing as it is now possible to add to your glutamine supply through oral replenishment. This is not only welcome from a nutritive point of view but also from a convenience standpoint.

Such knowledge is quite valuable to the bodybuilder since he or she can enter into the gym and then use such a glutamine supplement prior to beginning the rigorous workout. Of course this supplement has to be designed in such a way that it will be able to supply the glutamine in its free form thus making it easy for it to be absorbed directly into the blood stream. After completing the workout, the bodybuilder is best advised to use a supplement that will supply both high proteins and high carbohydrates to the body. Why is this so? The high proteins will ensure that the glutamine that has been lost in both the plasma and the muscles has been replaced. The high carbohydrates are important in ensuring that the hormone insulin is well equipped to direct the supplied glutamine into the muscle tissues.

Ensuring that the muscles are well supplied with amino acids is a good thing for more reasons than one. Muscles that are well supplied will tend to have a better rate of water absorption. The net effect is that the muscles will be fully hydrated, a condition that will optimize an anabolic state rather than a catabolic state where muscle is lost. A proper supply of these amino acids also means that it will be really difficult for the muscles to ever suffer from glutamine deficiency. The rate of recovery after a strenuous workout will be augmented and as such you will never quite be over trained.

The fact that the body can synthesize its own glutamine should not be an excuse to desist from taking enough of the same from external sources. Prudent bodybuilders will know better than to rely on their own bodily supply. This is because they are aware of just how much is lost in training; it is far much more than the body can supply on its own.