When Leg Days Do More Damage Than Development

Q:  Every time I finish a heavy leg day, I get weird pressure inside my ‘nads and my sphincter feels like it’s going to drop out in the middle of a set. The last part is really painful at times too.  It’s really worrying me.  The discomfort isn’t exactly mild, and after I’m done training, I don’t feel like doing anything but going home.

I’m almost too embarrassed to go to see my doctor about it. I’d rather ask you first.

Any ideas?

leg dayA: So, let me get this straight… You’d rather ask the question in front of several thousand readers, instead of inside an office with one other guy? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

You do have to wonder about the logic you’re employing.

But I actually do know what you’re saying about a doctor-patient relationship.

Sometimes the one on one is the hardest kind of consult.

I can try to answer your questions as best I can with the information you gave me, but do remember that I’m not a doctor, only an expert on training, supplementation and anabolic steroids.

I still recommend that you go see a physician, even if it’s one you don’t know and will never see again.

You owe it to yourself to find out what’s really going on. I imagine that the pain you’re feeling in your sphincter is an indication of a bad case of hemorrhoids.

This happens from straining.

If you’re prone to them already, or have developed a mild case in the past, you’re likely doing more damage on leg days by not controlling the muscles better in that area.

Straining with maximum pounds in one workout or one or two reps just isn’t smart for most people.  I routinely used to pop blood vessels in and around my eye sockets during leg days.

It became such a problem that I had to stop lifting so heavy because it was starting to affect my vision.

I still lift heavy, but don’t strain with weight anymore.

Sometimes hemorrhoids can be so bad that you have to get them surgically fixed, so you need to have someone check you out—seriously! As far as your gonads go, I’d have to say that that has something to do with your AS cycle because everything is in such close proximity, you probably are experiencing prostate issues.

This can be serious, but is probably short-lived.

I’d still get that checked out though.

In fact, it’s more of a priority than the other.

If you’re feeling pressure in that area, feeling electric type twinges, having problems with urine flow or feel as though your bladder capacity has been affected, then you probably need to get it checked out. Tell your doctor exactly what you’ve been taking, too. They get paid not to be judgmental, so no worries.

Just go get it checked out and start doing 70% of your max with higher reps for the time being.

Start wearing half tights underneath your sweats or shorts, too, so that you can give that entire area support during lifts.

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