Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Women Build Muscle

women build muscle

Health and fitness are a major concern for a growing number of Americans in this country. Women should definitely make their health a first priority since they are now becoming the fastest growing population who are diagnosed with cases of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Many of the diseases that affect our population are stress related and since women are now taking on the challenge of motherhood as well as primary bread winner, the stress is at an all time high.

There are a variety of different types of exercises that women can do in order to remain healthy. Cardio, aerobic or weight training are all very good regimes for promoting health. Building muscle has become increasingly popular among women because of the many benefits that it provides. Many women build muscle to improve their physical appearance. Building muscle is very important to women because it helps them to build bone density which helps prevent osteoporosis

Women build muscle to help prevent muscle loss as they get older. Women can lose up to a pound of muscle a year beginning in their 30’s. Building muscle can be challenging if it is not done properly. In order to develop muscle mass weight training exercises are a must. Lift heavier weights with fewer reps. Many women may not want to develop bulky muscle so they may opt to go for a leaner muscle tone. In order to develop lean muscle, you will need to lift lighter weights with fewer reps.

When performing weight training exercises you will need to work the muscle to fatigue. Allow the muscle group a day to rest so that the muscle can have time to rebuild itself. Not allowing this process to happen can cause scar tissue to build up and give you unproductive results. During the rest period you can however do some cardio or aerobic exercises to help increase the heart rate. Also you must eat healthier incorporating foods with protein and healthy carbohydrates for energy. Proteins are essential to the development of muscle.

Carbohydrates give your body the energy it needs in order to complete your workouts. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables are also highly important to your diet when training. Many people find that they benefit from incorporating protein shakes into their diet to help develop muscle mass. Juicing is another alternative that can give you the vitamins and nutrients that your body may need during your training. Following these helpful tips can help you to develop muscle mass in no time.
Sunday, December 27, 2015

Workout Routines

workout routines

Workout Routines That Will Transform Your Physique

People who are into working out for a long time and yet get no good results often end up dismayed, for the waste of efforts, time and money enrolling into gyms.

You strive to do what other people with good muscles do at gyms.

You carry lifts with partners only to be frustrated that it does so little to no effects on you. Worse is some even complains of being injured, sore inappropriate body parts and worst, a disproportional physique.

Why? Various reasons account to this.

The most common according to experts are performing the right exercises in a WRONG way and the lack of skill to determine which of the best workout routine to build muscle are they not performing rightly.

Many exercisers feel pleased that they managed to have time going on gyms.

It seems for them enough to be doing chest, back and leg workouts as the way they have seen and heard of. There lie the pitfalls.

The best workout routine to build muscle has to show good results, so if you don’t see this happening on you, then there could be something wrong with what you are doing.

It is not enough to be copying what you see people do when they workout.

Neither doing great numbers of bench press, lifting, pull ups nor pull downs will immediately render good outcomes.

The most important thing is to perform the routines correctly and getting the right ‘feel’ with what you are doing.

Best workout routine to build muscle can fail if you do it wrongly.
A concrete example of the best workout routine to build muscle that is often done mistakenly is the flat barbell bench press.

While some find their muscles sore in little time, others struggle for years.

How should it be done? First and foremost is the descent of the barbell.

While lowering the barbell, you need to concentrate on rolling your shoulders back on the bench, and trying to “pin” your shoulder blades together.

The way you would do on a rowing movement.

It may feel a little uncomfortable, but as you practice constantly, you develop the flexibility to do this by reaching behind your body with both arms, clasping your hands together, and then squeezing your back together and thrusting your chest forward.

Once you have your shoulder blades pinned together, you need to concentrate on lowering the barbell to your lower chest area.

Lowering it on the neck area will only lead to shoulder infringement, which is one thing to really avoid.

As the barbell has fully descended on your lower chest, your shoulder blades are pinned together, and as you take a deep breath, things will be a lot easier.

Pause for awhile with the bar on your chest, then proceed to press the bar up, with the bar ending up over your face.

Exhale forcibly while doing so. Hold the weight at this point that is just short of lockout.

Proceed to complete the process again, keeping your shoulder blades pinned throughout.

Making sure you perform correctly all best workout routine to build muscle effectively.
Sunday, December 13, 2015

Caffeine and Other Accelerants During Training

Today’s bodybuilder is rarely seen in the gym without an energy drink. Packaged in sleek red or blue glossy containers, these beverages are packed with sugar, vitamin B, ginseng, and of course, lots of caffeine. They also contain a wide variety of proprietary ingredients from as extensive assortment of companies, each promising to do more than the last to help athletes perform better in the gym. Let’s check out some of the benefits and deficits of using such energy drinks.

You will train with more intensity than you ever have before. You may discover you can do 1 to 3 additional reps of many movements. Your endurance will increase. Your energy will increase. You will feel terrific. You’ll outshine the former you, and you’ll be alert while you do it. Energy drinks will make you a better trainer in the gym.

Energy drinks are a crutch. High blood pressure can result from long term use of caffeinated products. Bodybuilders who use such products often feel edgy or jittery. They are highly addictive. Once they have been used daily for 4 to 6 weeks, they will become a requirement and lose nearly the entire boost they once delivered.

Energy drinks can be useful tools in the gym, as long as one doesn’t become dependent upon them. Once an athlete needs an energy drink just to function in the gym, the benefits become nil and the athlete becomes an addict. Yes, caffeine is truly that addictive, and the other propriety ingredients included lead to a combination the body will continually crave. If you are training for a personal best on day, give them a shot. However, they shouldn’t be used every day in the gym. Perhaps limit their use to two times per week, on huge compound movement days such as chest, back, or legs.

Additional thoughts
If you do decide that additional energy in the gym through the use of a legal stimulant is the route you wish to take, consider one other thought. Are all of these fancy drinks necessary? Is it possible that the athlete would receive the same level of stimulation from a 10-cent yellow caffeine pill? Try the plain yellow caffeine pills and see if their results are pretty identical to the energy drinks, if not improved. Caffeine pills cost about $2.79 for a 16-pack, so cost is never an issue. If you need a gym stimulant, give them a shot!

Accelerants During Training
Friday, December 11, 2015

Gaining Weight to Lose Weight?

Let’s pretend two individuals are sitting at home on the couch one day. The first guy, Mr. Skinny, is 130 pounds. The second guy, Mr. Muscle, is 240 pounds. They both sit on the couch at about 10% body fat. Mr. Muscle just sits there holding about 110 pounds of muscle that Mr. Skinny does not.

We give them the same pile of food to eat, every day, for one month. Totaling 4,000 calories, this it’s a diet rich in poultry, beef, rice, and pasta. They have to just sit on the couch and do nothing for that month.

Muscle Building

What do they look like at the end of the month? Remember they have had identical activity levels (none) and eaten the exact same amount of food. At the end of that month, Mr. Skinny would have gained a great deal of weight. Mr. Muscle would remain the same.

How can this be? Why would Mr. Muscle automatically burn up more calories than Mr. Skinny, who got fat as a result of what were excess calories to him? The answer lies in lean body mass. Mr. Muscle carries about 110 more pound of muscle on his frame than Mr. Skinny does. And all that muscle requires more maintenance calories, even if it is just to sit on the couch all day.

The secret to being lean then, of course, is to hold more muscle on your frame. The more muscle you hold, the more calories your metabolism will automatically burn up each day. The less muscle you hold, the fewer calories you need each day.

Mr. Skinny is an example of those habitual dieters you see who can never seem to keep fat off. Mr. Muscle is an example of the guy you know who never does cardio, yet holds some good muscle and always seems to be at a low body fat anyway. What is his secret? Simple. He holds more muscle.
The lesson you can learn from this is simple. Add muscle to your body to lose body fat. If you wish to be lean, you shouldn’t just diet continually until you are essentially a ‘bone rack’. Instead, you should take a few months to add muscle, and don’t worry about dieting down. Once you have an additional ten-pound of muscle on your frame, you will discover you are able to automatically stay leaner all year round.

Bottom line: If you want to lose fat, you need to gain muscle!
Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Guide To Understanding Explosive Bodybuilding Training

Explosive, or ballistic training, involves lifting extremely heavy weights in a style not typically associated with bodybuilding. Instead of calmly moving the weight in a controlled manner, the trainer drives the weight up in an explosive manner. Speed is emphasized. The goal isn’t the ‘pump’, as with most training. The goal is simply to lift a heavy amount of weight as fast as possible using the entire body.

Explosive lifting leads to greater core strength, which will make the body stronger the next time you attempt to lift weights in your standard, controlled manner. Explosive training is what many new trainers use in the first year or two of training, when they don’t know much about what is considered proper form or lifting speed. Ironically, it is during this time period that many bodybuilders make the best gains. So maybe there is something to it!

Training Tips
 Fast-twitch muscle fibers are used when muscles are asked to lift in this explosive manner. Since they are larger and more plentiful than slow-twitch muscle fibers, and they are often neglected in standard bodybuilding training, you are able to stimulate a new set of muscle to grow. Muscle fiber types are a topic often overlooked in bodybuilding, which is odd in a sport where grown men will measure their protein down to the individual gram. Perhaps entire ‘grids’ of muscle fibers are being neglected, and bodybuilders often don’t seem concerned. Use of varied techniques, including explosive training, allows the bodybuilder to stimulate these fibers, which can lead to new growth. And at the very least, moving heavier weights will add to motivation and make the trip to the gym more exciting.

Some exercises are more effective than others when it comes to explosive training. Compound movements always work best. Being able to recruit core resources to assist with the lifts are very beneficial. Bench press, standing military press, and squats are good movements to use when attempting explosive training. Always use a spotter. Also, devote extra time each workout to stretching and warm-up sets. The likelihood of injury is greater when using explosive force to lift a weight instead of the standard muscle groups. However, the benefits can be worth this risk. The growth that occurs as the body is forced to adapt to this stressful new workload will lead to new muscle growth. The body is a powerful organism, which adapts to just about everything you can throw at it, so why not throw some heavy weights at it from time to time?

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Monday, December 7, 2015

Effective Ways To Build Muscle

People most of the times take their body for granted. They never pay much attention on how to care and enhance its functioning. Just like the muscles. Muscles play an essential role in human anatomy. It protects the bones, makes our body move, uphold body posture and even provide heat to maintain regular body temperature. Advance technology made people’s live easier. A person will not stand up and change channel manually, they have remote controls for that. You can do your shopping while resting on the bed with the use of internet. These kinds of activities make a person lazy and reliant to gadgets. Thus, they do not use their muscles as much as they should. If muscles are not utilize the body would weaken and is susceptible to illnesses. In order to avoid this scenario, you should start your exercise program. There are best build muscle ways that you can do, just find the one that is suited for you.

Building Muscles
One of the best build muscle ways is strength training. Strength training makes use of dumbbells to heavyweight barbells. You have to start with the lightest and increase its weight as you get use to the exercise. Lifting weights can help develop your muscles on the arms, biceps, triceps and back. You can likewise, engage in bodyweight exercises like sit-ups, pull-ups, squats, and lunges. These types of exercises do not require you to use any equipment but can still help your muscle grow and get toned. Different bodyweight exercises targets different muscles on your body that is why it is advisable to do all forms.

Surprisingly the best build muscle ways cannot fully work without spending time for revitalization. You can do this by getting enough rest. You do not have to go to the gym every day, what you have to focus on is the intensity of the exercise. Further muscles grow when you are at rest. With this comes getting enough sleep. Further drink plenty of water; you will need it to hydrate your body.

The best build muscle ways is effective if accompanied by proper diet. You cannot expect for your muscles to get toned if you incessantly consume high calorie foods. Your diet must include a large portion of vegetables, fruits, lean meat, eggs, and dairy products. You have to start paying more attention to your body, specifically in building your muscles. Not only do you get healthy benefits from doing so but also it will make you more confident and physically attractive.
Saturday, December 5, 2015

Reasons Why You Should Stretch Before Weight Training

Although stretching should not be undertaken as a distinct workout routine by itself by a body builder, it is important to incorporate stretching exercises in your bodybuilding regime. Ideally, stretching exercise should be performed as a warm up routine for five to six minutes preceding the weight exercises. This helps amplify the efficiency of the training session in three specific ways. These three are discussed in details here under.

The first benefits of including stretching exercises in your training regimen is increasing your muscle group’s and body part’s range of movement. This can be simply put as increasing flexibility of your muscle groups such that you can move to the entire range of motion that your muscle groups are naturally apt to cover without severing the joints, supporting ligaments and tendons. A consistent use of stretching exercises as a warm up before the main workout actually increases the length of most muscles and their connective tissues. The tendons are made more elastic by and by. Within no time at all, you are able to increase the range of the muscles movement. Your limbs and also joints can move further and more swiftly than before, extending to extents that would have caused injuries prior to the stretching exercises. That is physical fitness at its very best, a dream of every individual, body builder or not.

Stretching Before Workout

Secondly, consistent and regular stretching sessions as part of the wholesome training regimen for the muscles usually increases your body’s ability to efficiently perform many skills and movements in the gym. Remember that if you are serious about weight training, you need to be at your most flexible point. You will be dealing with immensely heavy weights, weights that can easily slip from your control and mess you up for ever. You need to be very agile, fast and reactive within nanoseconds, if you will be safe in the weight room training.

There is no better way of ensuring that you are apt in dealing with these giant weights than by stretching up before facing them. You need an abnormally wide range of motion for each and every muscle group. When you achieve this flexibility, injuries will very hard to come by. Since your body is able to take a variety of stances to prevent severing muscle ligaments and tendons. You definitely can do more things in the gym, and then, do them better. You can jump here and there, up and high, without pain or uncomfortable stiffness the day after.

Thirdly, consistent stretching exercises help in injury prevention especially for intense weight trainers like body builders and weight lifters. Once the muscle groups become flexible, the ligaments elastic and the tendons versatile, you will avoid most injuries that result form muscle tears, snaps and rips. No matter how far you go even sometimes outside the normal range of motion, unconsciously that is, the muscles will not snap or tear. They will be well in their form, as long as that is not made the order of the day. One of the major causes of training injuries ids lifting weights with stiff, rigid and stout muscles that are totally against any motion. So stretch up and go home smiling, injury free.
Thursday, December 3, 2015

Excellent Training Routines To Lose Weight

here is nothing as wonderful as having a good looking body physique. This is because it will make you get noticed by the opposite sex. If you are a woman, having a beautiful figure will make you get noticed by the guys and if you are a gut having a muscular well toned body will make you a looker among women. If you are overweight however you tend to be ignored by the opposite sex. It does not matter how great your personality is, if you do not have a good looking body physique no one will take notice of you. When you tend to be ignored by the opposite sex, this leads to a very low self esteem. You end up losing a lot of confidence in yourself and this makes it very difficult to progress in other areas of your life. Having a low self confidence not only affects your relationship with others but it also affects how you perceive things and life in general.

If you want to claim back your confidence level then you need to start by losing weight if you are overweight. When you properly work on improving your body physique then your confidence level will increase. You feel good about yourself when you look great.

I need to caution you however that when losing weight you need to stay away from steroid drugs. The reason is because steroids will lead to very many side effects albeit the fact that they will make you lose weight fast. Some of the side effects of taking steroid include; enlargement of the clitoris, irregularity of the menstrual cycle, growth of facial hair in women, shrinking of testicles in men, low sperm count, decrease in libido, baldness, kidney problems, liver conditions, heart ailments, insomnia, increase in aggression, and depression.

Weight Loss Workout

If you want to lose weight you should also stay away from fad diets. The reason why I am cautioning you from using fad diets is because they end up making you lose your body composition. When you use fad diets the body will go into starvation mode. When the body is in starvation mode it will start burning muscles instead of fat and this affects the percentage of fat to muscle ratio. Your muscles get depleted in the process and your rate of metabolism decreases. When your metabolism decreases you will not be able to burn a lot of calories and therefore you will end up gaining weight.

If you want to lose weight you need to perform the three tasks below;

1. Weight Train
The reason why you need to weight train is so that you can increase the number of lean body muscles. This will in turn lead to the increase in your body metabolism which will make your body burn more calories and in the process you will lose weight.

2. Aerobic Exercises
Aerobic exercises also lead to the increase in metabolism which in turn leads to the burning of more calories.

3. Watch Your Calories
You need to watch the amount of calories you take in each meal because they will determine whether or not you will be able to lose weight.
Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Samples of Basic Muscle and Fitness Training Tips

Bodybuilding Tips
 Strength training should be a part of everyone’s fitness routine. Not everyone desires to spend hours in the gym gaining massive muscle growth. However, for most of us, a basic muscle and fitness plan can help us shed unwanted pounds and gain energy and stamina improving our quality of life.

Bodybuilder or homemaker, everyone wanting to start a new fitness plan or program needs to understand a few basics.

1. Strength Training
There is no need to ‘pump iron’ with endless repetitions. For those not used to any type of strength training, simple body exercises using their own body weight and a set of resistant bands may be enough. When using hand weights or weight machines, you want a weight that is heavy enough to challenge you to complete an exercise in good form 12-15 times. High repetitions may burn fat a bit faster initially but it also increases your chance of not maintaining proper form for safety and maximum benefit.

2. Burn Fat to lose weight, do not lose muscle!
Cardiovascular exercise does burn fat. It might come as a surprise you that you do have to spend hours running for miles at a time. Research shows intervals of fast then easy running burns up to eight times more calories and leaves your metabolism higher longer after a workout. You can set intervals up on a treadmill or pace yourself around the neighborhood by alternating running and walking at various intervals. Not only will you burn more calories but your endurance will improve quicker as well.

A higher metabolism rate means calories continue to burn even after you finish the workout.

3. Eat Clean!
Do not make the mistake of rewarding yourself for a workout by stopping at the fast-food drive in!
Junk food provides little nutritional value for fueling a workout. No muscle and fitness training can bring results unless combined with a healthy diet built around lean proteins, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and good polyunsaturated fats.

Optimal fitness happens when you find that balance between a muscle and fitness training plan that works for you and support your plan with a healthy diet of nutritious foods.

Consult your doctor before beginning a new routine. Ask him to recommend a team of experts to help you set up a diet plan as well as a sensible muscle training routine that is right for you.